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BSC, CA – The month of October is noteworthy for many reasons other than for being the first four letters to Spiderman's favorite doctor or host the scariest night of the year.

For those who noticed the lovely model to the right, she is a member of one of the fastest growing all female cannabis organizations happening today in America. The group known as the 420Nurses came into being October 31, 2009, Hollywood, CA. Nuff said.

This demographic is made up of medical marijuana patients who aspire to both be models and sisters of support for the ailments they all share, being today's youth affected by the years of Monsanto geo- engineering. At the end of this news report, another new women's cannabis organization with a connection to October.

Close to home comes this event with an ear for the Classics.

And the next day, 

LifeNote is a music charity for children created by a former Temecula City Manager after a personal tragedy ensued. The all-day [9AM-9PM] event at The Merc in Old Town is presented by Temecula Valley Neurosurgery. For further details, please visit here.

As we all await the fabled 'October Surprise' from the leading Presidential entourages [though personally I think the real surprise will be in November, more ways than one], there is another October Surprise being planned by those Hamsters of Hemp on the 27th. Keep it earmarked here for the exclusive.

And speaking of our last October tie-in, this one begins with the valley's ranchers and their horses. There is a disease that is affecting the horses around here called Valley Fever. Recently a member of the fast-growing female cannabis organization Women Grow came to town for a health event. The response to her was such that she was invited back. The encore visit and audience procured a treatment proposal to produce a relief formulation for this ailment at a future visit. 

The potential savior for the Valley's horse ranchers is Dr. Rev. Alana Sills, who's first name [a variation] appears on the 420Nurses photo, also believes in cannabis as an alternative or addition to certain medical treatment in people and pets. If you haven't heard of Dr. Sills, you're in the wrong loop.

Alana Sills, PhD., was born the same special day, prior to the 420Nurses, on another October 31.


For our local readers, have the savings on us until Halloween. Tell them Mr. Pete sent ya.


Be sure to celebrate the harvest this year. #NoOn64 


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