Saturday, October 29, 2016



BSC, CA – 'And all the Queen's Jemimas and rice-brained Uncle Bens couldn't put the Hillster back together agains.'

The Bible tells us about the pitfalls of having dishonorable friends, but since there is separation of Church and State, perhaps Hillary didn't get that message at the Goldwater Girl classes, or perhaps it's birds of a feather. Personally I prefer to think that this is Divine Intervention, particularly when noting that this letter to Congress came 11 days before the election. Circle associates will finally understand the meaning behind their 11:11 astral fixation.

FBI Director Comey, long on the hot seat after his boss Loretta Lynch [am I the only one paying attention to these last names and the double entendre?] basically back out saying, “Make it so because my job depends on it.” Comey did all he could to deftly alert people who were listening to his words and the way he parsed them, understood the undertones, 'I'm being made to do something I don't believe in, but...'.

Now comes the October Surprise every Trumpster fantasized over. When firings wouldn't do, nor assassinations, coverups, tie-ins, hook-ups and connections didn't fail, it was that still smoldering fuse to the email bomb that was relit by a bolt into the blue. How apropos! And the decision to go forward with the news was made the day before, on "Thor's day" from Old English Thunresdæg, 'Thunor's day'. The Marvel Thunder god also handles lightning bolts, don'cha know.

Back in this reality, FBI Dir. Comey got his chance to do the right thing, not the popular thing, not the expected thing, but the right thing.

The government isn't evil but the system is. The government is made up of people, many just like yourselves. Many of these folks believe the official tripe but the older ones, the ones on the lower rungs see the truth. People in middle management can also see the truth because they are between the public sector and the private sector. This designation has now been switched to become the private sector being the government and the public sector being the people. The revolution wasn't televised, it was done while we were dreaming.

But now that day is over, and Dir. Comey is to be commended for now standing by the FBI men we've loved since Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Inspector Lewis Erskine would be proud.

So what might the FBI be looking at? It ain't about sending or receiving something classified, it's a comment about some behind-the-scene deal, some more 'wet works' details about Scalia, or some tie-in to a backdoor reward from some Clinton Foundation – CIA sourced gambit, I'm willing to bet.

Meanwhile, the old battleship is starting to show some rust as she creaks under this enormous stress.

'Couldn't happen to a nicer person' as any real Bernie Sanders, No TPP, #NoOn64 supporters say.

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