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BSC, CA – There can be no question, this weekend in the sister cities of Murrieta and Temecula, grass is in, whether in a skirt or as cannabis. And once again your friendly neighborhood gad-about-town has hopes of partaking in both events. High hopes for a man without a car, you say? Well, we can agree on the 'high' part when it comes to hope. For where else is there hope, but on high.

However, you don't have to be high to have hope of getting well, and that's the topic of discussion this Saturday at 29995 Technology Dr., Room 203, from 1-3PM when Dr. Alana Sills returns to town. Originally one of the main speakers at the Guardians of Wellness Expo [Sept. 17], the good doctor was a hit with the folks at the expo, and a genuine interest past the stereotype of pot was kindled prompting this encore meeting appearance.

Happening across town but on the same bus route [lucky me] is the first ever customer appreciation day at the Hokulia Luau, across the corner from the Mall's Luna Grill which goes from 2-5PM, with the Hula girls performing at 4. Hula girls or no, not to be missed is the assortment of cane sugar flavors that you can add to your shaved ice, called snow cones back in the day. Though there are some who poo-poo the sugar aspect, the Good Book offers everything in moderation [OT] plus Yeshua [Jesus] speaks highly upon keeping the mind of a child. Nothing brings the kid out like the sugar rush from a snow cone flavor or three.

Dr. Sills topic last time was unofficially, 'Are CBDs right for you?' The topic this time is the sequel, 'The Newest Advances In CBD Medicine and Natural Healing'. The great thing about these new discoveries of understanding the functioning human body with CBD extracts is how perfectly the match is. It is just like medicinal mushrooms, salt water, and pure air; all things the body needs to operate healthfully in this environment. Did God create CBD and CBG before he created us?

This magazine article goes into more detail about Dr. Sills' background and a jump to her website reveals the reawakening of ancient theories now proven to be better, less toxic, and in many cases cheaper ie., $250/pill Marinol [Federal Gov synthetic marijuana]. 

And now, as predicted in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, the green genie is out of the bottle in a field that shows a growing entering both singly and in groups like Women Grow or 420Nurses.

As always, these events are free and meant to enrich the people in attendance, not the people at the door. RSVP is required for the Advances in CBD meeting with Dr. Sills. 951-319-7819

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