Monday, October 10, 2016



BSC, CA – The day wasn't over for me by a long shot as the holistic health meeting broke up. Thanks to a couple leaving the meeting as I was, I maintained my pre-planned schedule to Temecula and the flip side of my science Sabbath day, the kid part.

Even when the original music scene was going strong in the All-Ages category and I got to cover it like a glove, all the homies knew that I was a kid cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Strolling through the Promenade Mall in Temecula, the usual Saturday crowd was in the mall, malling around. Passing the crowd, I stepped out back to the Edwards side of the Mall, moving past the water-shooting fountains and headed toward my destination, The Hokulia Hut, to grass skirt my sweet tooth.

There was a little cleaning up going on as the earlier rush had come and gone. Perhaps they didn't know about the hula girls, Ed, the Hut's owner, had told me about.

The first rush was over and things had quieted down a bit when I got there. Folks were chilling...

The Wheel of Fortune was set up and manned...

Poke Bowls, a Hawaiian style of Sushi, was available...

And of course music, Hawaiian style also.

First the afternoon crowd started to fill in. Of course the day brought out the shirt of the day.

The Hula dancers arrived in troupe.

The dancers were in Temecula for their annual Sold-Out Wilson Creek show on Sunday. Ed, the Hokulia Hut franchisee in T-town, shown in the white printed shirt was like American Express, everywhere he needed to be. Here we see him and his wife surveying the scene earlier.

The dancers immediately started to get ready for the free Taste of Tahiti Show preview to the Sunday show.

The rustle of grass skirts began to attract attention,

 The crowd gathered again.

Ed and Mrs. Ed made sure everything was set for the day's finale.

Finally the drums,

And then,

The Thumbs up.


Out come the lady dancers as the men dancers wait behind the band section...

The two dance groups, male and female, joined in formation to hula dance.

More numbers followed to the rhythm of the drum beat. Join us in Tahiti Preview Part Deux

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