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BSC,CA – The bombs are still dropping on Hillary Clinton and The Shady Bunch, courtesy of Wikileaks and others. To this journalist however, in the fog this Titanic has struck a weiner. After screwing over so many people for so long, to be xxxx-slapped by a high-brow low-life perv named Tony Weiner because he's sexting a 15 year old, is sooo Damon Runyon. Even Hitchcockian, you might say. We at BSC also send our special day regards, in celebration from all the good witches around. You know who you are, Ladies.

Before we get to The Shady Bunch, trending right now as you read this is the debate question over why FBI Comey made the critical decision to drop a dime on Hillary to Congress and then send a BTW to Loretta Lynch [our first Shady Bunch cast member]. From a source deep in the muck comes this tip.

Searching through Wiener's hard-drive for any child porn, the FBI [now operating without the Deputy Dir whose wife got a $650,000 bribe from Clinton, found approximately 650,000 emails, or one for each dollar spent. However, it was one special folder that caught their eye; it was marked Life Insurance. This file contained all the dirty laundry Huma Abedin felt she needed as life insurance against a 'suicide' sometime down the line, aka Vince Foster. This info came to Comey Thursday evening. A broadside hit! And neither woman ever saw it coming.

So passes the first of my calls from earlier stories. This wasn't anything to levitate about or a lucky guess. We are talking mass corruption, the likes we [Moms Across America, Label GMOs, #NoFastTrack, Dark Act] have seen manifested before through our various campaign battles. A number of my fellow freedom fighters, in it to win it for the kids [I'm a granddad], realize now we are fighting an evil. This is a conclusion I reached after I read the book by Jack Herer the 3rd time. The first time you go 'wow'. The second time, 'this is amazing'. And the third time, when you realize that these people have the big picture because of their education and all you have is what concerns you, which isn't good or the right thing to do, BINGO! If you believe in that sort of thing. I do.

And so I opined that if anything was to bring down Hillary Clinton, it would have to be Divine Intervention, who, btw, has a sense of humor. We are not dealing with 'bad' here, folks. We are dealing with evil. Hint; remember the crowd scenes in the original Ghostbusters Act 3 climax? It's like that.

Along those lines, this latest reveal of not only the dirty laundry Life Insurance files possibly back to when she first started working for Hillary at 19, nigh-teen; who knows what else is lurking in those 650K emails. In this fulfilled prophecy real-life fable, the Empress stands before us, her true nature and feelings exposed for all to see. What that sight does, requires deep thought and truthful insight, as if a real life Lady and The Tiger, from us all this election day.

In other email news Donna Brazile has been outed and let go at CNN, along with her butter-wouldn't-melt smile. 

Donna can say 'those emails' all she wants to but like Jack Reacher [2012] says, “Any single piece of evidence might be [dismissed] but all together, it's too perfect [not to be a frame].” Shady Bunch #2

When Donald Trump said the media was fixed and in Hillary's pocket, here's a link to all those Shady Bunch characters. Now you can understand why all you see is Hillary leads in the polls; Hillary Beating Sanders, Hillary the apparent Winner, Hillary the prime candidate. Now the emails reveal who was behind the Donald Duck protestors, the hired thug protestors, using the same tactics against Bernie and Trump as were used in some Occupy camps, particularly NYC and East Coast.

While it remains to be seen whether Huma Abedin is in the dog house or buried underneath it, next to Hoffa, one thing is for sure, Democrats downwind of this stink are trying to hold their breath, lest they become contaminated by the associated stench as 88% of incumbents are up for replacement by those discontent with the present sitting government. Let's hope that disdain for the Democrats holds out for their hair-brained, heavy-handed grab for what keeps millions healthy, happy, and hopeful, cannabis, not marijuana. #NoOn64

Pardon me, my bowl is calling.

VP pick Tim Kaine, seeing the roof falling in, has said he will stay onboard with Hillary for $1.6B put in a secret account offshore. The Clinton Foundation transferred that amount to an account in Qatar. 

Now we know why he's smiling. Turns out old Tim is smarter than he looks, Chi-ching!!

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