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BSC, CA – Before starting on topic, we at BSC send LISA a hearty THANK YOU, on behalf of every unknowing mother and child who lives in Menifee, CA for insisting that city stop spraying Monsanto's Roundup on public property there. Zen told me. Lisa, you rock!

The above effort was made successful through the self-education efforts learned at Moms. You too can stop the spraying of your city's public and tax-payer funded public thoroughfares. An eye candy treat, at the end of this report is your reward .

Last night the final debate of this election cycle was held. Donald Trump, the leader, stepped out. He made the appearance he needed to make. He looked like a Caesar on stage with a shrew. And it was the shrew who got tamed, with the truth about money. “Give it back” - Crash! I heard the tingle and I wasn't even watching the debate. Trump is Bernie Sander with BALLS.

Money is what this whole election is about. Look around at the Measures where you live. Are they about some kind of tax initiative? If not, it's coming to your area. And why? When you realize all the money wasted paying lavish lifestyles, casting pearls before swine. These swine feed from our trough, our kids' trough, and their kids' trough. Government has become its own industry. Things look break. Folks have now realized collectively that yes, we have tipped the falls and appear to be heading for the rocks below. Or perhaps in our case, falling up since everything is visa-versa now.

For people who read the Bible, these days were foretold. And if the 'signs' were clear 20 years ago, today those signs are in HD. As Chris Tucker's character said in Money Talks, “It don't get no righter.” For others in the Bible, they have eyes but do not see where they are, in the world or in the Bible. The world is becoming like Pleasantville, the Hollywood fantasy come to life mixed with They Live and a touch of MIB [Podesta emails, now public record here].

As predicted by moi quite a while back, the current world picture is nothing short of an old-fashioned Warner Bros Western barroom fight. Relatives that I know and love are tipping over tables because I'm throwing punches for Donald Trump. I hate that. I hate politics, but you realize that just because you hate something doesn't make it go away. 

This is why it's prudent to know which way the wind is blowing. At present in such a storm, you have to forget about the howling wind direction and remain goal-oriented. For me and the Pot Goonies, that goal is saving cannabis from marijuana. It's amazing but, any other time that last sentence would seem ludicrous. These are strange days indeed, like this banner.

At first glance, it looks legit as hell, to a tourist. But to the “trained eye” as Sherlock Holmes was wont to say, this banner says something else entirely. Off the top is the 'No' endorsements. As seen in this story, that statement is a lie [like everything about the Trojan Horse Prop 64]

With that last story and all the crooked dealing for world control or WW3, take your choice, things are out of hand. Now we all know the bomb is under the table as Hitchcock would say. Knowing this is our plus because we can be fore-warned. 

Today in California, and possibly where you live outside of California, there is a push for more money for services. This is requested from people who have better insurance, better dental, better vision, and a much better pension play. True, I didn't give up my soul, but as a sovereign citizen of a recognized Nation, I shouldn't have to because I'm paying a part of the cost to be the boss, aka a tax-payer in an illegal Ponzi scheme. The problem is, this Ponzi scheme is the present government and the establishment. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

The first step in the journey to a new nation is to realize where you are, and where they are. It's called 'a lay of the land.'

At present, all these government patents are worthless because the government grown GMO pot doesn't deliver like the real thing. As soon as California's Prop 64 passes, these quietly acquired through the years patents issued to the real elite, including you Barry, will be worth billions, actually TRILLIONS.

That's the lay of the land. Next issue, The Plan With The Man

And now the eye candy treat. Find the UFO.


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