Wednesday, October 12, 2016



BSC, CA – In Part 1, we showed the Establishment's view and ballyhoo about Donald Trump. To be fair and balanced, in this part we will view the side that isn't shown in the mainstream media, but is the reason people from Jesse Ventura to Loretta Lynn to Wayne Newton [no relation to Cam]. One aspect about this election cycle is the emergence of two 'anti' or non-Establishment candidates for President.

The biggest divide between Trump and Bernie, a sea-salty sweet old Jewish grandfather type, was just that, he was too sweet! There is a meme going around with Bernie in a hospital gown on a lab table with Debbie Wasserman lurking in the background, looking like a vet's assistant. That pretty much sums up what Hillary's DNC laid out in the 'hacked emails' released by Wikileaks, the people who first showed us how rotten our government really is. Did you know that if the Feds had their own state for all their workers, it would be the second largest state behind only California? E Pluribus Unum

Meanwhile the latest batch from Emailary's past Goldman Sac's speeches show the real agenda in her own words, private policy vs public policy, read, what I tell you rich folks vs what I tell po' folks, cough blacks. Hillary's plan to divert attention by illegally [what else from a Clinton?] dropping a sound bite comment of The Don seeing a 'nice looking piece of wool' egged on by George Bush's nephew named Bush from 11yrs ago, a master politician move, rang hollow when it was Trumped by Donald parading past Clinton sexual abuse victims around the way Hillary paraded Bernie. Booyah!
There can be no doubt that Trump is a modern day phenomena and bigger than life, just like all those in the news.

He meets famous legends,

And others a bit more infamous.

Many treat Donald Trump like a Rock Star,

But Trump isn't a politician. He's just a guy with money, lots and lots of money.

Trump has blue-collar support, the same type that was for Hillary in 2007. before she flipped, again.

Since Hillary likes to look at Donald in the past, BSC thought we would do the same.

After the first debate and playing some 'rope a dope' to gauge his opponent, Trump came out swinging.

People at home and in the studio audience roared approval when Donald muttered back to a Hillary flippism, "because you'd be in jail."

If you missed last Sunday's Presidential debate, you can watch it here. Please don't forget, you can replace 88% of the sitting incumbents THIS election. Consult your local election booklet. Thank you.

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