Tuesday, October 4, 2016



BSC, CA – We can't go much farther down the home stretch without devoting some coverage to Donald Trump. We sang the praises of Bernie Boy, until he got tutored. We tried to give a Johnson a big break but all that got him was an endorsement from the murder capital of the world, Chicago. Tuff titty.

Hillary Clinton has been and is so blatant with her hypocrisy that the grand event of the perceived Madame President historical moment is hard to ignore, whether you love it or hate it. Rich, depicable her. But Hillary isn't the only resident on 'D' block.

Down at the other end of this year's Presidential cul-de-sac is one Donald Leroy Trump. Just kidding. Dandy Don is getting treated in the news like his middle name was Leroy though because they are treating Trump like anything but a white boy. Even across the sea.

Early on Marco Rubio hung the tagline of 'small hands' to Trump and it stuck like an albatross ever since.

They say he's out-of-control, unfit to lead.

They say that Trump is dumb,

Clearly anti-Latino,

That his supporters are dumb,

 His ideas are dumb,

His political helpers are roasted,

His wife is openly mocked by classless toadies,

His foreign policy is looked at askance by the DC think tanks [CFR].

Even George HW Bush is voting for Hillary, as reported in the mainstream news, switching on Low Energy JEB, for a minute. But some ideas in this election cycle have never ever been hinted at before.

 While all along...

After leaving all the losers behind in his dust.

End of Part 1. 

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