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BSC, CA – If you follow the newly activated BSC ezine news reports closely, you may have seen a HRC story come and go very quickly here on FaceBook. Thanks to all who went directly to the home site to read the latest. This is the explanation from the media that is starting to fight back through real reporting that still happens, albeit off the beaten path like here.

“Corporations aren’t allowed to directly donate money to a candidate’s campaign committee. However, they can sponsor political action committees (PACS) or donate unlimited amounts to independent expenditure only committees (Super PACS). Individuals can donate a maximum of $2,700 (per election) to a candidate’s campaign committee and unlimited amounts to Super PACs. Super PACs cannot make contributions to candidates, parties or other PACs but can independently advocate for a certain candidate.

In six months, Clinton's official campaign committee Hillary for America has raised $460 million. However, since there is a cap on the amount an individual can contribute to a campaign directly, super PACs remain important to big donors. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, more than half the amount raised by Clinton and her allies this election cycle came from large individual contributions, versus only 15% of Donald Trump's campaign funds.
Priorities USA Action, the main pro-Clinton super PAC, has raised a total of $155 million. It raised almost $25 million in September, narrowly beating its August tally.
The following are the biggest donors to Clinton's campaign:

  • Donald Sussman, president of this Connecticut-based hedge fund donated $21 million to the PUA super PAC and $100,000 to the Correct the Record super PAC. Correct the Record collects money to pay for personnel whose job it is to defend Clinton online [shills]. Of the total figure, $2 million was given in October for which the filings haven't been released yet.
  • JB, the heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune (H) and co-founder of an investment firm, donated to the PUA super PAC along with his wife. The Pritzker Family Foundation led by Jay Robert also donated to PUA super PAC. $12,600,000
  • Chairman of Univision Communications Haim Saban has been a long-time friend of Clinton, and his wife Cheryl sits on the board of the Clinton Foundation. Both donated separately to the PUA super PAC. $10,000,000
  • The 85-year-old billionaire, George Soros, has been vocal about his disdain for Trump. He donated $9.5 million to the PUA super PAC and $25,000 to the Ready super PAC.
  • The 91-year-old, S. Daniel Abraham, sold his weight loss brand Slim-Fast to Unilever for $2.3 billion in 2000. He advocates for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and is the founder of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. He donated to the PUA super PAC. $9,000,000
  • Fred Eychaner is the founder and chairman of Newsweb, a Chicago media company.He donated to the PUA super PAC and Clinton's campaign committee. $8,005,400, a return investment from the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize a few years before he re-armed Vietnam.
  • $7,000,000. What the billionaire hedge fund manager and mathematician, James Simons donated to the PUA super PAC.
  • Henry Laufer is a director at Renaissance Technologies, an investment management firm founded by James Simon, above on this list. Marsha Laufer served as the chairwoman of Brookhaven Democratic Party. The Laufers donated $5,000,000 to the PUA super PAC and Henry gave $500,000 to the Correct the Record Super PAC.
  • Laure Woods is the president and founder of Laurel Foundation, a private foundation focused on the education, health and welfare of children as an obvious future [in all the right credentials] Cabinet member of a Clinton Presidency. $5,000,000 (thanks, DT)
  • David Shaw founded the hedge fund, but he currently focuses on his role as Chief Scientist at D.E. Shaw Research. He donated $3 million to the PUA super PAC and $50,000 to the Ready super PAC.

And the real Hillary 'janitors'. Sorry Donna, don't let Missy Hillary confuse the words janitor with foot stool for you. She gets confused a lot, even Huma said that in an email.

The following have all given to the PUA super PAC: Facebook's (FB) Dustin Moskovitz has given $2.5 mil. Herb Sandler, whose foundation has supported the Center for Responsible Lending, ProPublica and the Centre for American Progress, donated $3 mil. Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman of BLS Investments and life-long supporter of the Democratic Party, donated $2.5 mil. Chairman of Dreamworks New Media Jeffrey Katzenberg and director Steven Spielberg both threw a bone for a $1 mil. each. Movie producer Thomas Tull, who was responsible for such hits as "The Hangover" and "300", has given $1.5 million. DNC donors are here.

Feel bad because you're a disposable deplorable in Hillary World? You should, but look around you. You're not a tree, you're a forest. Remember. The corrupt fear us, the honest support us, and the heroic join us.

#NoOn64 then read our lips, NO NEW TAXES anymore! 88% of incumbents can be removed this election cycle. Vote them out!

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