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BSC, CA – The sub-title of today's story is the text I received from Dr. Sills yesterday as I rode the train down to San Diego to visit with a new staff at a print journal just 2 months old called, The Candid Chronicle. There is a weed leaf reverse color logo imprint inside the 'O' in Chronicle alerting the advertiser and reader alike that this little newspaper has an eye toward the future. The Candid Chronicle [masthead 'the candid CHRONICLE'] is the latest physical symbol of a new day in the cannabis culture for California, the day after yesteryear.

I had been invited down through my fellow [now 'ex-'] pot goonie, Letitia Pepper. The phone interview to set up the appointment went well and I sensed a kindred soul that reminded me of my start-up days at the Louisville Artist Magazine. Yesterday as I boarded the train and climbed to the top level, a LA Times was left which I grabbed. Ten minutes later Dr. Sills text came in. My reply, “I have the same question.”

So as Zen did the day after a four year fight with Obama yielded a signed DARK ACT, I feel the need to pen a few words to express where my head is at, after this long battle and loss. Also being a Christian who uses religious imagery in his writing analogies to illustrate present day points. In short, what happened to Divine Intervention? Although the lead-in cartoon expresses a possible answer, a better answer is Man plans and God plans. Also, as expressed in Dr. Harley Swiggum's [Adult] Bethel Bible Series program, 'God can use evil for good.'

It should go without saying that I was disappointed in the outcome of Tuesday's election results concerning Prop 64 and did not sit glued to the tube following the results. I knew like the writing on the wall [Book of Daniel], the election aftermath would be waiting for me, either to celebrate or be conciliatory about. Maybe that picture of Jack showing his watch's time was his way of saying 'time's up'.

As in the book of Job, just because I don't see the complete plan means absolutely diddly, in the big picture since the only thing that I can affect is my local territory around me at any particular time and the people in that realm. If I can do that to the best of my ability, in the manner that I believe or perceive best according to my conclusions for spiritual advancement or wisdom, the bigger picture will rotate on its own merit. A guy named Johnny Blaze once said that to me as I was ranting about some cause of mine like a modern Don Quixote.

Once in Daniel just before a miracle is performed, Daniel or his friends are asked how will they feel if the prayed for miracle doesn't manifest itself? The answer they gave is the one I too feel. So not knowing how many hairs on a horse or the number of sand grains on Venus Beach, I can only ask for compassion from the ground floor level view I share with the people I come in contact with as I cover the news from street level, outside the bubble.

Coming soon! Do you worry about losing your data to an EMP [electro-magnetic pulse]? We get a report from our R&D whiz-bang team of gadabouts about a simple fix that they have named 'Mr. Pete's Garage.' Seems they read the book, , and also found a kindred spirit of romance.

(Written while listening to Up The Mississippi - A Journey of The Blues, Mississippi Valley Blues Society, Davenport, IA, CD blues anthology. Real blues. And a Tip o' the Hat to my oldest son, Peter, for the opening cartoon, so nice I've used it twice.)

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