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BSC, CA – Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for America, for a lot of new taxes, and for the Fate of cannabis. Even at this last minute, the foes of cannabis are mounting a last ditch effort, especially after Comey was brought to heel [horse head in the bed?]. Therefore at this time most people have made up their mind which way to vote.

Back on point, this news commentary is a last day look back at the players, the major players, in this year's plot to legalize weed and dissolve the 'stoner' image. These players are the NGOs but this report will just deal with the women groups who support Prop 64 and talk about changing the image of marijuana, in other words, gentrification of the old pot neighborhood. We'll deal with that issue after the jump.
"Remember, only YOU can prevent Prop 64. Save the cure - #Noon64"

Standing up to this financial assault on Mary Jane Green are the Tip of the Spear, Anonymous, Letitia Pepper, and Ed Rosenthal, the last major old school voice still kicking and just as legendary as Jack Herer in the cannabis annuls of history. After the jump, we look at this side too. Now I have to take a shower and get ready to attend a showing of Dr. Strange. Ooo, the life of a citizen journalist. Like McDonald's, I'm loving it.

Today groups like the 420Games boast that their goal besides doing their own money-making idea come to fruition in the cannabis industry, is to change the stereotypical image of the pot user. But when it comes to putting their mouth where their money is, they support a law to control marijuana like it was a dangerous drug. So why change a passive, maybe lazy image into something feared, like heroin or cocaine, something that needs to be monitored. Does that make sense to you, Dear Reader and Voter?

The women's groups are a harder bunch to figure out, but with the NGOs that deal specifically with helping children, it has to be either they are grossly misinformed or they are as evil as Hillary. No group that claims to be serving a sick child's best interest can be for the very law that eliminates that whole section of research [until the government can write a law to make a profit off that method of medicine]. What's the difference between using a race of people to advance medicine a 1000 years and keeping a population sick and in-firmed for profit?

Each of the Pot Goonies fills a key in this Destiny. Destiny moves quicker than light so those caught up in Destiny sometimes have to look in the past to see the present importance.

Months ago, pretty much when all this cannabis rhubarb got started with MMRSA, I was having several conversations with different leaders about various other people involved in the cause. Everyone is playing Pin the Rumor on The Donkey these days so maybe being a social butterfly is finally paying off. People ask me my opinion.

One night, out of earshot, a comrade-in-arms asked me what I thought after repeating some atrocious but logically pieced together rumor about Ed Rosenthal. I reminisced about the Lake Elsinore event where I had met Ed Rosenthal the one and only time, and the vibe I felt. I summed it all up with, “He's not a sell-out.”

Ed Rosenthal just posted this yesterday on his FaceBook:

     "Recently, Drug Policy Alliance representatives Bill Piper and Amanda Reiman decided they should make a list of California cannabis businesses that oppose Proposition 64, a public shaming if you will. They even named some great small businesses who are well liked here in California and entitled to their opinions.

      "Well, when you make that list DON'T FORGET ME. I have fought for cannabis freedom for over 50 years, own one of the longest running cannabis businesses  (30+ years) and I am voting NO on 64."

And lastly but not leastly is the official notice and inclusion of Letitia Pepper into one of their official video concerning Prop 64. Presenting one of the latest from Anonymous, featuring our own Letitia Pepper, Pot Goonie Skipper. 

#NoOn64  #NoMMRSA  #NoOnProp64  #NoPorLA64

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