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BSC, CA – Though Donald Trump, our President-elect, is getting credit for the 'protests' that are funded by George Soros [$6M to BLM], the current level of vitriol racism was set by Obama, both through his election that was 'fast-tracked by his rise to public star power' [true racism], and his actions, or lack of [racial anger at no real change]. After the jump two examples of that hate from government and national charity sources.

The recent incident at Chili's is more a reference to our lead-in cartoon as is today's story post, all of which prove “It's easier to deceive people than it is to convince people they are being deceived.”

I'm an old guy. As a journalist, that's fantastic, especially these days because of The Mandela Effect effect. Having a prayed-for memory and the natural curiosity from once being a cat [according to my witch ex-wife], I questioned everything growing up and had access to family photo albums. As an only male child in a house with 3 women and a grandfather, I was indulged in my curiosity. Some of you may know that there was a famous black aviator or the cook who shot down zeros during Pearl Harbor, but after the jump, the people in the service, WWII, who you don't know, my relatives, all shades, all black.

We can start with my father. He was an officer, being a college graduate, and became a courier [spy in uniform]. And yes, he was dashing. Since I was 45 minutes late to my [first] wedding, I heard later that there was a audible 'swoon' heard when he walked into the church. Even though my mother was pretty, I felt like an ugly duckling early on and wearing glasses from the second grade on didn't help that one bit. While I don't know if he ever traveled overseas, the fact that he knew both FDR and Harry Truman might mean he did.

Both my mother's brothers were stationed at Fort Knox as was my father. While they were both officers, I remember that they were a grade below my father. In the picture below, only Kenny, 2nd from left, had a father who wasn't in the service during WW2. Reginald's father, Uncle Chunk, used his GI Bill to help get through Med school becoming the first MD doctor in the fam.

Cousin Wiley, seated next to me, 2nd from right, had Uncle Bill, Wiley's mother side, who served in the Pacific Theater during WWII and was involved in the taking of various islands held by the Japanese. I don't believe he was an officer particularly from his battle stories.

It was my first wife whose father, Leroy, fought in the European Theater, and he had this story to tell:

“In those days the Armed Forces were segregated. You had white officers in charge but the companies were all black. We were in France moving toward Germany as the Germans were fleeing back in droves. The one bunch that the [white] Army and the regular German troops were afraid of was the SS. They were tough, but hell, we didn't care, they were just some other white boys we could shoot.

This one time we had been catching up to a group of them SS and we fought them for a couple of days before they pulled out of the village during the night. The next day we approached the village around noon. We were expecting a fight but when we marched into the town, it seemed deserted and so we marched around the town fountain and the captain had us halt. It was quiet at first, then a couple of heads popped out, then a couple more. Finally people started cheering until the dust settled, then the cheering died down. We all started wondering what was going on, even the captain. Then this girl comes walking out, cute too, and she walks over to the darkest guy in the company. She spit on her hand and rubbed it across his cheek. Then she looked at her hand, turned to the crowd, showing them her hand, and said something in French. The next thing you know, we [got mobbed] by all these women. The village had a big celebration that day and a big party that night. The soldiers who were the darkest skinned had the most women on them. The rest of us got a girl or two, but they had just never seen anyone before that wasn't white. Marching in with a white captain, they thought we were all just dirty from the war. When they saw it didn't wash off, that it wasn't mud or dirt, they went crazy. Plus we had run the SS off. It was the craziest thing I ever saw, Pete.”

And my first barber, a neighborhood man that my folks knew as we all did in the south Central part of Louisville, 'Red' Harrington. Here's what he had to say about the time he spent in WW2.

“The Armed Forces were segregated. Negroes were cooks, latrine orderlies, and that sort of thing. They started letting black infantrymen fight in the war like the whites after D-Day. Them white boys got chewed up on the beach that day so they needed some more bodies who could fight. They had used blacks before late in WWI and were successful so the push was on. Everybody wanted to fight against Hitler, white and black. Most of the Negroes that joined up to fight on the battlefield were sent to the Asian part to fight the Japanese, the Yellow man. I wound up in Europe though, maybe because I was more light-skinned ['Mr. Red' was called that because he had reddish hair (a Ginger) and freckles. He was 'light-skinned'.]

In Germany we were strictly segregated from the rest of the white soldiers. They could leave the base, have furlongs, even live off base if they were officers, but not the black soldiers. I hated it. Some of the boys would sneak into town though and the German women loved the Negro.”

I asked why, being a kid before puberty. For anyone who saw the first Barbershop movie, the barbershop of Mr. Red's was somewhat like that, except he was the one usually there though sometimes, especially at first, there were two barbers but since the shop was actually built onto the Harrington's house, Mr. Red was the dude. It was in his shop that I first read this comic.

“The German women like the Negro G.I. because the Negro didn't mistreat the German women. The white soldiers would just fuck them, get drunk and then beat 'em. The MPs were there to keep the soldiers out of jail, not to protect the townspeople. The Negro treated the German women like a lady so they liked the black soldier, and the Army didn't like that.”

Air Force poster before Trump run

American Red Cross racist poster before Trump run

“What do you mean?”

“Any Negro soldier caught by the MPs with a German woman was court-martialed and then shot. Eisenhower's orders. Ike was the most racist general there was in WWII. They'd shoot them at sunrise and then ship the body home and say it was combat [related]. Eisenhower killed more black GIs than the Germans ever did. Patten treated all the soldiers alike, black and white. We all loved him too. We would go wherever he wanted us to. And General Pershing loved his black troops more than the white ones. Said the Negro was a better fighter.”

Rather than argue with some elderly redneck Vet, a better response may have been to remind the WW2 Vet that Vietnam wasn't in Germany, and that maybe he should start living in this time period, then wish him good day and turn the other cheek [if possible]. The manager who took back the food should be fired, but then this is Texas and not Austin. Given the real history of WW2, you can see why the old geezer was stuck in his time loop. Chili's is now on my list with Subway, Coke, Pepsi, and other political 'do-not-buy' from companies. It's called voting with your pocketbook/wallet.

And speaking of voting, Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore can expect a slight windfall, at least from big ticket items [cars, motorcycles, etc.] since places like Hemet, Menifee, and Riverside [among others] all fell for the Rosenthal Ruse aka Penny Sales Tax Measures which all take effect, wait for it, on APRIL 1.

You see Sports Fans, that's the way politics works for 'low tech support' people. You get taken advantage of because PT Barnum was right. The politician and newly created bureaucrat leave you with a zinger like a murderer returning to the scene of the crime, so that if you do get the joke on you, you're too ashamed to admit it for fear of looking, well, low tech. Double bummer.

Touching on voter remorse, folks are starting to see the error of their ways toward voting for Prop 64 now, reminiscent to the way voters woke up after Prop 37 was stopped by Monsanto. It's that 'wake up' moment, or if you're Homer Simpson, “D'oh.”

As for me, I said, “If we win, it will be because of Divine Intervention.” Obviously there wasn't any such thing happening so Monsanto wins again. As for me,

I went down swinging with the ladies on my team who represent me and my book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, carrying the flag [shirts] of the Pot Goonies. Now it's come what may.

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