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BSC, CA – The second viewing of Dr. Strange done in IMAX 3D was just what this reviewer said, “worth it.” While the second viewing after reading the fine review done by a trained writer was aided by what I had read, the real lesson was swallowing some advice I gave someone else not too long ago, “The fight is more important than the winning.”

We all know that it is easier to give advice than take it and when you pop off like a Pez dispenser sooner or later you get your pill to swallow. In these trenches fighting for sick people, kids, and just plain 'the right thing', you can't help but become emotionally involved. Losing hurts. But seeing Dr. Strange, an excellent movie destined to be a classic for Marvel, sums up the dilemma those of us on the front lines suffer when The Ancient One says, “It's not about you.”

Another thing is the news never sleeps so when The Ark of Gabriel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and John Kerry all come across the wire at the same time, you know something's up. Meanwhile though, folks are out in the streets, and these aren't Trump thugs, xenophobes, or women-bashers. These are good Christian folk like Donna Brazile, who can't get two sentences out without giving you her pedigree. It's funny how the news blames Trump for this mess when it isn't his followers out in the streets, but Hillary and George Soros' 6 Million Dollar Men [and Women]. What a twist and spin. The mainstream news should put this to a soundtrack. Probably shoot to number one.

So now all the country, well the part of the country that isn't out in the streets, wonders, will Donald Trump make good his promise and appoint a special prosecutor or Grand Jury to go after Clinton and her gang?

And here is a list of other campaign promises made by The Don beyond all the heartfelt words.


You can't play golf or walk around outside without seeing this shit. Maybe those in government have been sent the memo on 'geo-engineering' or maybe they're been fed Flint, Michigan water, but you have to think that Donald is with the common man viewpoint on the skies.


Now this where things get really trippy and Trump may not be able to stop this. For those readers who don't believe in black magic or that type of thing in the real world, please skip the rest of this section. When the Fast Track stalled in forward motion in Congress, a heinous act took place in the South on a Wednesday and Obama pushed through his Fast Track the following morning, catching everyone off guard. A few of us in the alternative media saw a connection but the implication is clear. The South Carolina church shooting was a blood sacrifice.

A story here pinned the Invasion of Iraq not on WMD fears but to raid the Museum of Baghdad for its relics, hence the $2billion in cash. Breaking now is the continuation of a story that began almost a year ago with the 'wet works' of Scalia. The Supreme Court Justice was cremated within 24 hours. His ashes would find their way to the South Pole.

Meanwhile, over in the Middle East in Mecca, a relic was uncovered under the Grand Mosque which twice claimed lives when disturbed via a plasma blast like something out of Indiana Jones. Both these stories appeared in print, though one was written off as a stampede from the Stoning The Devil ritual. However they figured it out, the call went out to the Russians [aka Putin and the Russian equivalent of their Pope], who dispatched a small fleet to Juddah, gateway to Mecca, retrieve the relic, and dispatch it to the South Pole.

Admiral Vladimisky

Once there at the South Pole, the Russian priest who had met with the Pope and received an ancient Islamic text to read and Scalia's ashes, commenced this mysterious ritual involving the Ark of Gabriel, then passed it on to be buried somewhere farther into the Antarctic interior. Obama paid a visit to the South Pole also not too long ago. Now things come full circle with John Kerry being the latest visitor to the real 'down-under'. With < 70 days to go to be in office and the December 19 certification of the Electoral College beseeched by the very party who decried Trump's not settling for the results if he lost, to vote for Hillary, we see now the real hypocrisy of the country, the party that still has its private bar a secret. I bet it's not a secret to its cooks, waiters, and bathroom attendants, huh?

Vaccinations and autism.

It isn't just Hillary Clinton and the Banksters, or even the lobbyists. The CDC is in bed with Big Pharma and Monsanto. That swamp needs to be cemented over. All their meeting notes, public, private, and secret, need to be examined for treason against the American People, the African People, and the South American People.

People in the streets.

This isn't Trump's fault, per se. These people are Hillary supporters, not even Bernie Sanders supporters. Hillary or Obama should step up and call for people to return to their homes. This wasn't a white cop shooting an unarmed black man; this was an election. Their person lost. Get drunk, feel depressed, smoke a joint, but get over it. Go home, unless you're being paid. Can't paid protestors be arrested for sedition? Or are these people like Bill Clinton's poll electioneering and most cop shootings?

However, if Hillary and crew are able to 'persuade' the Electoral College to swing things her way, that would signal the end for this country as it is at this moment, hurting but licking its sore nots, as in 'not' Donald Trump.

How does the Antarctica junket play into things? With a Skull & Bones “I can't talk about it” man on the case, what's there to worry about? Right?

To be continued...

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