Thursday, November 3, 2016


BSC, CA – This report is breaking as I write it. According to sources, Hillary's NYC property was raided yesterday. Evidence found there, if verified, will put both Bill and Hillary into a hole deeper and darker than the one that Bill Cosby occupies in everyone's consciousness.

After the jump, we have several short vids concerning a topic too raw for our front [PG] page. First a brief lead-in to the real dirty laundry, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with money, except immoral privilege. Tony Weiner was caught sexting a woman, something he had done before, except this time the woman was a girl, a fact he was aware of. The FBI sought a search warrant but Weiner gave permission in exchange to be a cooperating witness [a certain kind of immunity].

Because of certain items found on Weiner's devices, along with Huma's, the recovery of key evidence noting the Clintons and The Lolita Express trips made singly [Bill] and as a couple, led NYPD to raid the Clinton digs and also not issue arrest warrants for the Weiners as protected witnesses of the FBI. Also more on the Federal Government civil war over the Hillary Clinton fiasco. All frantically being hidden by an ever crumbling wall of media support. Everyone connected with them will stink after this bombshell, and if this bombshell, explodes.

First off, from the first video we learn about the Clintons and their alleged pedophilia, adding yet another layer to the world's most evil family since The Sivanas.

More on this story and the civil war going on inside the Federal government, with the analogy of a mighty oak being covered by poison Ivy, except there the tree is immobile.

And other skunk works.

Murder, scandal, pedophilia, the Bilderburgs, the Bohemian Grove. It all ties in now. Dark Energy, Dark Acts. The Clinton Carriage has been hit by the Lolita Express, derailed, unveiled, at last.

(This info was gleamed from sources close to the Devlin Barrett and Christopher M. Matthews stories now appearing in the WSJ)

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