Thursday, November 3, 2016



BSC, CA – I'm a romantic, like my mother. No doubt everyone outside of Ohio, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Tony Weiner are ecstatic this morning over the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, wooo! Just the other day to get in the mood, I sat with a box of Kleenex and watched both Drew Barrymore classics, Never Been Kissed and Fever Pitch.

I caught part of the game, almost fearing if I watched the whole game that I might jinx the old goat herders. In my heart I was hoping the Cubs would end the curse, and they did. I guess the old goat finally did forgive them their transgression, or maybe curses have a time limit. From the story I'm about to post about the Clintons, I can guarantee that their luck is about to change also, but not for the better like the Chicago Cubs.

Maybe this weekend the USA murder capital will be someplace other than Chicago. We can only hope. Meanwhile we will all revel in this moment of vindication for the team that had the longest World Series drought in either league. Somewhere on a mound way over yonder, all the great Cubs in Paradise are gathered, hugging, and crying with joy. After the jump we look at a few more pics from the night.

Bill Murray, always where the action is going on these days, was, of course, on hand in Chi-town.

Of course, Bill Murray was just the most famous happy person at the game. There were the crowds,

And the team, starting with the MVP,

The coach,

And their teammates, one the oldest man ever to homer in a World Series.

Those of us in the wiz biz can only hope that maybe this will heal the bitterness in a beautiful city.

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