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BSC, CA – Welcome back all you Holiday Shoppers. A story that I picked up on in early November seems to be holding on and trending, resulting in the first mainstream news organization outside the Wall Street Journal to comment about it. Why this was interesting is because the mainstream news organization went out of its way to debunk the trending alternative media story without debating the facts, the Donna Brazile defense. After the jump we take a look at this story that would even gag Jerry Springer.

By now you may have heard that Donald Trump has reneged on his first campaign promise, that is to put crooked Hillary behind bars. It seems the Don, being in the Spirit of the Season, decided like Obama, to pardon the turkey. The problem is, Hillary may be an old crow, but she's no turkey. After getting Soros money behind BLM, the rude movement subverted by $$$ to advance the division between older whites and young inner city blacks much like the Tubman choice to repulsively visualize progress, educated dim-bulb Jill Stein stepped up to the plate to call for a recount in the 3 states where Hillary lost by the slimmest margin. But it's not a rat you smell.

If you wonder why Trump may have backed off on his pledge to investigate the Bill & Hillary show, don't fall for the fake news of a Bill & Hillary divorce, never gonna happen. One spouse cannot be forced to testify against the other. All the dirty laundry between those two couldn't come clean with a dump truck full of Tide. With the lead story still bouncing around the internet sites like a ping-pong comet and the FBI's new 'Untouchables' battling the DoJ over the government, the smartest move was to let the cards fall where they may since DC isn't a swamp. It's a cesspool and has been that way for a long, long time.

How long is long?

Whiffs of this deviant D.C. sexual atmosphere have been blowing around for years; the Fannie Flag Incident, Dennis Hastert, the 'Wide Stance' defense, even the fact that D.C. is home to some of the strangest murder cases that quickly disappear from the news, like this one. Though it doesn't make the news as such, D.C. is a murder capitol like Obama's other home, Chicago.

So what is PizzaGate and how did it all start? It was this dweezle dazzle.

Caught sexting a 15 year old girl, knowingly, and asking her to send him pics of her breasts. While all this sounds sleazy and is, what is particularly disturbing, considering he had a promising career in New York City, a place where 'if you survive there you can survive anywhere' is who he was married to.

Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and privy to State secrets, apparently vetted by Allah for the US Government, since you can find NO official trail except coming into that position via the Clinton train. Huma's hubby, a pervert with a long-standing public record of sexual deviance [sexting] outside the confines of marriage, is a willy that is not slick. As happens when you show up on the radar red-handed trying to purloin underage sexual favors, the police seize and examine your hard drive devises. Like the old joke punchline classmate Terry Davis delivers, "And that's when the fight started."

At the center of this is this man, John Podesta, and his hacked [but not denied] emails exposing the vile underbelly of our Washington Establishment pillars of Society, our 'betters' so to speak,

Though his emails have showed just how far this cancer in the government goes, it is the rancid culture that is the breeding ground for the developing dissolved American Constitutional rights into fee-based privileges. The following vid explains just why this culture has fostered in D.C. and elsewhere. The reality is reminiscent to an American version of 'Z' the political thriller.

If you have finished the above video, you have a good idea of why Trump may have decided to devote his first days to other matters, particularly when you understand the web of entanglement.

But this is not a new News story as we see in this brief report from the '00s.

So what's next? After several people weighed in on Hillary's election lost, Hillary has proved her mettle in battle as the top Hypocrite [to be with]...

Mounts the suspected plan to steal the election via another female this Vicious Vixen holds sway over.

Now the Hillster will try to [Al] Gore this election by 'siding with' Jill Stein's call for a recount. While many of you may be asking 'what are we to do about this blatant coup' of the country we love?', perhaps the more relevant query is why the Establishment fails to see or give rise to this story?

As you ponder that question, remember in 300BC the Chinese wrote a law against pedophilia and of course, don't forget Gen: 19:8.

Therefore we see the cut of the people who run our world, our country, our states, our counties,

And why these types of people are used or black-mailed in some cases. Now you can understand why the best candidates NEVER win office, but if by a fluke of luck a Champion does get in, his Cosmic Karma had better be more slick than the Silicon Don ever was. Right "Happy Birthday, Mr. President?"

Ed. note: Because of the subject matter and complexity of this still developing story, this report was very time-consuming and hard to compose in my usual crackerjack time-frame. Therefore, unless this story catches on more in the public [rather than alt-media] domain, I won't be visiting this subject again. As a journalist, my purpose is to bring you the news for your edification, and I have just done that. Behold, the Empress really wears no clothes for all, besides God and the Devil, to see.

Ditto for the brother.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

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