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BSC, CA – The great ship, HMS HRC, has been Hitchcocked, as if Sir Alfred wrote the story himself. Even as I write this late night report, the internet news is becoming closer to what is finally breaking in the main stream, or the main stream is finally waking up to what's being talked about on the internet.

But even before that, or any of the present talk of high treason, total corruption, and lately the new Civil War taking place inside the cannabis cause and the Federal Government, let me present a picture shot up in LA about a year ago. This story now breaking started here.

As you can see, the present view of treason in the Oval Office, borne out by released emails which now pour out like cracks in a collapsing dam, started in the No TPP-DARK ACT sector. The logic was simple. Anyone who knowingly threatens the children and babies of their fellow citizens and neighbors is treasonous to their surroundings when their job is to follow the Constitution, swearing on the Bible to 'protect and serve' the American People.

Hillary is a trainwreck and Obama is in cahoots, but let's not forget the real issue – US, me and you, particularly in California. This election cycle it isn't just about the rogues at the top, it concerns all the rogues IN THE SWAMP!

As a service to our readers, here is the lowdown report, shortened for easy consumption, from the research team concerning this election's Measures and Props.

First the Measures, which are local in origin but statewide in intent. With the same language in Measure after Measure, with basically only the alphabet letter changed or doubled and the intended use varied [police, fire, or schools], these cookie-cutter Measures no matter what city or county all seem the work of a common lobby group who will make up the 'Oversite Committee' [paid position]. This oversight is needed because outside the intended use, public officials or public schools, the remaining penny tax money goes for the over-site committee maintenance, currently or future. All Measures – NO

Now the Props. Their concern for US.

First to make this easy, there are only 6 Props selected to merit a YES -
Prop 54, Prop 57, Prop 58, Prop 59 [against Citizens United], Prop 61 for this reason, and Prop 66.

All the rest are NO, No, No, all day long.

Prop 51 – new taxes.

Prop 52 – temporary means temporary.

Prop 53 – removes local controls.

Prop 55 – see Prop 52.

Prop 56 - $2 extra per pack punishes [poor] smokers, not [rich] Tobacco companies.

Prop 60 – another special interest grab.

Prop 62 – would end the death penalty.

Prop 63 – no Dept of Justice anything after recent antics.
Prop 64 – cannabis is NOT marijuana; DNC/Soros plot*.

Prop 65 – one half bait 'n' switch*.

Prop 67 – other half of bait 'n' switch*.

The Bait 'n' Switch political tactic* is done two ways. Prop 64 legalizes the unconstitutional MMRSA assembly bill shuffled through by Brown, like his fracking bill. Prop 65 gets legalized by passage of Prop 67. Crafty bastards.

Although a service to our readers, we encourage all who read this report to do their own research on the above issues, and come to your own decisions concerning the Measures and Props this cycle. Opinions expressed here are suggested only. 

Make your own decision while America is still free, and remember, don't jump to conclusions based on what they show you in the establishment mainstream. Those people have a vested interest in keeping things just as they are so they can keep helping themselves, not you, or me.

(A tip o' the hat to Jackie Findl)

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