Sunday, December 18, 2016



BSC, CA – I can see the Action Comics Curt Swan drawn cover now. At a desk with several old style telephones on it, Publisher Perry White looks excited in a half rising crouch, cigar dangling in mid-air beside his open mouth, holding a phone away from his ear as he looks at a telegram Clark Kent is holding out to him from the front of the desk. The word balloon above his head says, “Great Scott, Kent!! Cousin Wiley??”

The second splash page might show a close-up of Perry's face in the same scene. This time the half-smoked cigar is suspended away from Perry's mouth to indicate sudden surprise.

But yeah, it's true. Cousin Wiley, the one who engineered my 70th Birthday celebration up in LA, seated next to me in the picture above, had a direct hand in stopping Hillary's federal suit on the Colorado Electors as she, the CIA, George Soros, and CODEX seek to complete the coup started back in the days of the John Birch Society warning us of what was to come. After the jump, listen for Wiley's name as the Supreme Court Justice for Colorado at the 2:33 mark in the Anonymous vid.

Go Wiley!

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