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BSC, CA – What happens to all good activists? You either become a facilitator, an infiltrator, or an agitator; an outside agitator. This past weekend in Costa Mesa, even under a huge awning I became option number 3. And like my weight loss which took me from a size 38 to a medium [WooHoo], it was all John D's fault. We expected the people but were clueless about the canines. Who let the dogs in, woof, woof?

Under 'Costa Misery' skies with a very light precipitation, John and I breezed in late Friday afternoon for a lay of the land look at the set up. John had been there the night before and told me to expect a big booth. He should have said 'it was 'uge, as Trump might say. And huge it had to be combining 5 major faux pas to the real fake, read official mainstream news: they are GMO foods [MAA], cellphone radiation [we had a tester], smart meter radiation info, vaccinations/autism [onsite mom with 4 kids she took to get their shots; all adults now though none are The Accountant], and Geo-engineering aka chem trails. At that section we had a 65” flat-screen playing the video by Dane Wigington. This is the section of the booth that I manned, the 'Can you handle the truth?' end

I was an outside agitator not because I was stationed half outside under the building awning, but because our long booth was at the entrance to the Gem Faire happening inside the building behind our table, and also because adjacent to the Gem Faire in the same area was a dog show happening at 3 other buildings the same weekend. Make the jump.

And what a dog show. These weren't neighborhood dogs. These were lucky dogs, dogs with papers, not fetching papers. Regardless of the owners' resources, these were rich people in dog suits, therefore likeable, fully aware of themselves in the world and their owner. Everything else is haze. These were coffee-table book dogs.

So what were the crew of Rogue 2 doing at an upscale event featuring jewelry-related items and pedigreed dogs? Gem bones, gem bones.

As we move deeper into the CIA/UN coup for the country [USA] that is unknown to most citizens outside the loop, the technology happening which is the most detrimental to the nation's people, especially in California, isn't just known to the Rogue 2 crew. You see, before it was just those involved in whatever particular cause protest it was who knew the real skinny. This time, as I found out the first evening at my post, it was the generosity and compassionate heart of the Gem Faire event owner and his operator that made our spot possible, done at his expense and dedication to his attendees welfare.

Hence we came in not from the cold, but from the outside, to bring truth and agitation to the weekend crowds at both shows. Outside agitators on invite.

Situated as we were, right at the main entrance to the first [building] room off the midway coming through the gate from the parking lot, our limo-length stretch table gave away free cloth bags to gather your swag [show goodies] in. Each bag contained our flyer info on the topics mentioned at the story opening. Guessing, I would say 45-50% of those accepting a free bag also stopped to hear at least a snippet of our message. From that remainder 55% gathered additional info on specific topics with 40% going for the video also.

The table spots ran from John at the corner closet to the doorway path where people coming in directly would pass. At the other end was my spot [riding trail, pun intended], catching people coming in from a 90 degree angle. Between John and I were the cause organizers with familiar face Katja, seen below at a prior cause event.

Katja, front, right
Being the flanks of our awareness spear-point, the women in the middle were the main information thrust to the majority women/couples attendees crossing our path. John and I also covered the booth from start to finish, providing a cushion of stable liaison between Gem Faire management and our booth logistics which ran very smoothly. Expert staff. We rolled in with a couple of past GMO banners but all the rest of the signage came from other sources/people.

Perhaps it was the subject[s], perhaps the serious faces, but many people stopped and paid attention to what was offered, be it the free Climate Engineering video by California scientist Dane Wigington or additional background info to the other topics we offered. They were more than intrigued because the topics we hawked [real news] is labeled as 'fake'. People see the emperor wears no clothes at last.

When talking to Allen, the man in charge of the show under the owner who was out of the country, he shared with me that many people [customers and vendors] had revealed concerns about our topics, because like himself, it's not hard to see that things are all out of kilter for the 'richest country in the world'.

He himself was curious but had a limited knowledge because to access the issues totally means you are an activist. Being an activist is a pay-less vocation [usually] that's all on-the-job training. Allen had contacted the head organization leader to have people who could go into depth on the different topics for the show; hence John and myself [GMO, chem trails, vacs – strong points]. The women also had, in addition to me anyway, plenty of information covering cell phone and smart meter radiation side effects.

Even knowing and shooting pics of chem trails since 2003, listening to the Dane Vid over and over, never boring but background noise after a bit, I got a newer understanding of the dire straits being played on the people outside corporate academia by those within. Like the Rogue crew in the movies, we were at the Gem Faire to help stop tyranny through experimentation and propaganda by those who believe in eugenics. Our crew believes that One guy died for us all. Let God do the sorting. Psalm 37.

(*- When you pack clean undies, socks, event clothes, everyday clothes, deodorant, a wash cloth and towel; just add hot water and fresh air.)

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