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BSC, CA – In the Bible, it is recorded that there is one unforgivable sin. This sin is so bad that the Bible gives scant detail description of what it is, lest you get too close and have the mark on your permanent record. It is also common knowledge that the Devil seeks to imitate God-stuff through twisted accoutrements. Hence, there is one devilish unforgivable sin in evil circles. That is being outed for being a pedophile.

To fully understand just how this came to be, you must know the difference between molestation and pedophilia, including the significance of that distinction. The first is an invasion of personal space based on private desire and selfishness, fueled by S&M and/or B&D fantasies. As is being revealed more everyday, pedophilia is a lifestyle choice from a distinct bloodline trait and has a culture that doesn't like the spotlight. In the spotlight, it is seen just how and wide this culture of child-sex trafficking flourishes as the missing piece behind behind true power circles. After the jump, we'll see a very nice, honest politician who did a four year study and see how that turned out for her. 

However, it is the same curious thing that you run into in general conversation about Prop 64 [legal pot]. Just the other day, a chance encounter with an old friend from way back brought forth shared thoughts and disgust over PizzaGate. A day later, a local employee that I know was astounded by the news, finally saying, “I refuse to believe that.” The Bible also makes note of people like this. They are called a 'doubting Thomas' and one was in Jesus' posse.

When someone down the street [like Cleveland's Castro case of woman imprisonment] or a minister, even a bishop caught fondling alter boys, these are cases of molestation. You could say local peculiarities done on a pedestrian level. People who are exposed on this level fight hard to deny the charges but ultimately face the music and do the perp walk. It is the same with sex traffickers, aka Subway's Jared Fogle, who is still squirming like another sole loser also sitting at the same table. Fogle's ex brings us to the cross-over between molestation and pedophilia.

'Katie McLaughlin divorced Fogle after he pleaded guilty to federal charges of child pornography and having sex with minors. She alleges in the suit that she and her children suffered emotional distress because Fogle's behavior did not become publicly known before she married him in 2010.

"A responsible corporation would take immediate action when hearing of this behavior, even if it was only allegations," she charges in the suit. "Subway failed every test of corporate responsibility in its response to each of these complaints."

At a press conference 10/24/2016, McLaughlin said it was "beyond comprehension" to find out that her husband was a child predator, and to also learn that executives had been told of his behavior and did not act. With her voice breaking, she apologized to Fogle's victims and said she was filing the suit to get answers about what Subway knew and when its executives knew it.

"A lot of questions have come up, questions my kids are going to ask me some day," she said. "I will not lie to my kids and I want to be able to answer those questions." She said the suit was the only way she could get those answers.

The suit details an instance when a Subway franchisee, Cindy Mills, called the company's then-CEO Jeff Moody in 2008, to alert him about Fogle. She said that Fogle had told her that "he really liked them young," and that he admitted to her that he had had sex with minors from ages 9 to 16.

The suit charges that Moody interrupted Mills and told her "Please don't tell me any more. Don't worry, he has met someone. She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will keep him grounded." Moody told Mills that he had dealt with similar complaints in the past.
The suit says that the teacher that Moody was referring to is in fact McLaughlin.

"Having neither expert knowledge of pedophiles' predatory compulsions nor seeking guidance from experts, Subway made a terribly misguided assumption that Jared's marrying Katie would correct Jared's pedophilia behavior," the suit charges.

The suit also details how Subway subsequently started a campaign to battle childhood obesity that entailed having Fogle visit elementary schools. It alleges that the company started a campaign depicting Fogle as a family man and used images of McLaughlin and their children without her proper authorization.' - [original copy]

It would have been one thing to just keep Fogle doing his pitchman work but to entitle him to be active around the prey he sought shows more than a blind eye. This corporate behavior illustrates a willingness to further embrace this lifestyle by having their known pedo be put in the middle of his wet dreams.

A Russian political exile wrote several scathing opin pieces about Putin and his tendencies, but when he penned his last one, the one in which he alleged Putin a pedophile, that was it. True or false, the hit went out and he was killed in a particularly agonizing way that lasted two weeks in his country of exile, England.

As Assange dumped the logs of emails he received, the charge of sending or receiving 'classified' emails quickly paled as the layers of how Washington really works and thinks were revealed. The BSC staff believes the 'word' went out to Julian that his email dumps had to stop before he crossed the line into the point of no return, the pedo files. If all the cops had were the Huma/Weiner devices, that could be handled, but the Wikileaks dump could and would verify the pedophilia culture as a reality, something that is a death warrant.

Julian set the Deadman Switch, which is why he was sweating in one of his last vids. What he knew was this: he was a dead man either way so he could buckle and wait for the shot in the back one day as witnessed from the growing DC body count; or, he could remember the moral to the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. It's not that you die, it's how you die that counts.

As promised in the second paragraph, here is the story of a courageous woman politician, what she uncovered, what she said and did about it, and what happened. Please make special note of the Subway avenue style ending.

On another count, John Podesta was last seen and heard from publicly November 8, saying 'good-night' to the disheartened crowd at 2AM.

Where you at, John-boy? to be continued...

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