Thursday, December 8, 2016



BSC- CA – He's been called 'Bernie Sanders with balls' [at least by me], a brute force, a deplorable, and those are some of the more kinder comments made by the Clinton News Network and their lemmings. Others have called him a savior, a breath of fresh air, and what this country needs, as they have toasted champagne to his upset victory. Yesterday morning Time Magazine called President Elect Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, Man of the Year.

This election cycle, decidedly the most wicked just on body count in history, still has people talking, people moaning, and people blowing a sign of relief. With the Crowning by Time, Podesta still missing at press time [last tweet, 11/07/2016], and no major news breaks happening from the recounts [so far], people are starting to relax, to get back to work, as it were. The United States of Amnesia is starting to take hold as people look past this moment, totally unaware of the coup happening in the shadows.

The selection of Trump as Time's Man wasn't a long shot or wild guess, but it was a shoe-in if you really put all the clues together. The vast majority of people outside the Beltway have no clue, which is why many people in Washington hold the average American Citizen in such contempt, as witnessed in a recent Trey Gowdy hearing. When you put all the clues together, going back to the beginning, it was obvious that the bankers or Wall Streeters weren't the people behind Hillary. Can you guess the answer to this Batman-style riddle without taking the jump?

Pause, think about your answer. Think about the question. Ready? Jump!

Before the reveal, here is one final hint – remember the beginnings of the KKK and what the purpose was.

Now, let's build our case. We start at the start.

Political science theorists can build the gap but our next piece is the hit TV show, later adapted to a hit movie franchise, Mission Impossible. In real life it was being smart enough and cool enough to be the hook-up in Mena, and the start of a beautiful friendship, Casa Blanca style. 

Have you guessed the power behind Hillary and why she never gets indicted, or how she and Bill can have 141 heads in their body count? That's more than the Godfather. Alas, there is only one Great Satan, the CIA. 

The CIA has been the UN's secret KKK enforcement branch and is the shadow government all the 'conspiracy theorists' speak of. Guns, sex trafficking, and drugs connect all those to power or those who curry power. The taxpayers of all the countries are made to subsidize these undertakings in the name of nationalism, patriotism, racism, and religion.

Thanks to all those who paid with their lives, and the ones we haven't found out about yet, the world now sees the ones who really rule over us look like this, in image only. Inside they are dark, evil, and twisted, true descendants of Cain through their perverted desires, giving a bad name to Christians, gays, and witches alike.

Though there is calm now, with Hillary as the Heir Apparent CIA candidate to finish the UN NWO into the fold 2030 Agenda, the dust hasn't even begun to settle, Sports Fans. Stay aware and pray for our new Time-honored, 45th President, Donald Trump, new leader of the free world and China's old friend despite the naysayers.

Meanwhile the guy who [allegedly] fingered MLK for two shots at being the first Presidential 'Obama' before there was a Barack, has asked Obama for a 'preemptive pardon' for another Democrat, guess who?

Hint: it wasn't his for son.

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