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BSC, CA – If you were caught off-guard by the DOS attack that suspended the premiere showing of Dr. Patrick Gentempo's Vaccines Revealed, a film documentary series by Jeff Hays. Though I make it sound romantic and a bit adventurous, being an activist is serious because the people and principles we stand up against, they aren't smiling. What we stand for adversely affects their bottom line. Even the Son of God paid dearly for throwing out the money-changers. The thing is, once you learn, you can't unlearn; and there are more learning everyday rather than one who can be crucified and debated.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo told me on Monday: “We're seeing denial of service attacks on our site, working on it with our tech team now!”

Later the word came, “We wrestled with whether to let people register in advance [because] it give[s]
the opposition time to plan to block our site. We announced a few weeks early... and sure enough, our server was completely slammed, BEFORE we even sent the viewing link out. Our web host was stumped. We've moved to an emergency site. When Jeff Hays launched the movie "Bought" there was enough of a backlash building up that he didn't let people know about the Bought free viewing until the day it went live.

You see, Sports Fans, this is a fight that we are winning. I can see the progress being made every day in the retail market because I don't get to frequent places like Roots, Sprouts, Jimbos, Mothers, etc. I live around the places of the 99%, markets served by Safeway, Kroger, and the like. Now I have options like Barons, the latest alternative to unhealthy foods found in the typical grocery aisle from the usual subjects. But I digress.

If you did follow through and view the premiere from the link sent your email, the British doctor you meet in the first installment seems a bit of the mystery until you get to the 3rd episode and you get to the California interview Robert Kennedy Jr. just hours before he met with President Elect Trump where he was asked to head the Committee on Vaccine Safety and Autism. Seeing that interview made me flashback about ten years ago when a story of mine ran in the Full Value Review that featured the RFK, Jr. interview about what the CDC did, in two parts. At the time that story ran well and trended for a bit. Now it is like we have come full circle in shinning a spotlight on a growing evil epidemic represented by the fourth horse of the Apocalypse, misery.

Don't miss a single groundbreaking installment as Dr. Patrick Gentempo seeks the answer to the root reason of why? Most might write the real reason for evil is love of money, but the words are, 'the love of money is the root of all evil, watering that root to grow is a reason that is grounded enough for men [and women] to become trapped in the corner of a room painted by the devil. What traps these poor souls?

Be here with us when we wrap up this series with our finale review with the answers. In the meantime, if you are just joining the conversation, er, report, here is the link to register. There is still time for today's episode that features Brian Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, has been conducting biotechnology research for over 25 years, currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University, and also science advisor for the Focus For Health Foundation. .

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