Friday, January 27, 2017



BSC, CA – There is a direction now with 'legal weed' in California that is swaying the climate on cannabis. Long the goal of establishment heads and the wannabes that follow for their crumbs, is the desire to change the image of those who smoke pot. From all the various root groups who used pot before the plant got noticed, jazz musicians, native Americans [duh, peace pipe], intellectuals, artists, radicals, or indigenous peoples, even beatniks, the government disinformation corp [fake stream media] chose to promote the image of lazy, slacker, white [trailer] trash aka hippies (people who don't bathe, have dropped out of polite society and oppose [the war] establishment's view), as the main pot user.

The legalization of weed in Cali has also legalized 'weed' as a brand to promote. Once again however, those in the medical marijuana demo are light years ahead of the breed of cannabis designer in terms of creativity and design. It was also a chance to champion creativity beyond buxom charm and classic cuteness. Depth beyond the tats.

The opening of image venues for marijuana and pot, long the comic design for tee shirt politicos and hipsters, is now breaking vogue, with the first Fashion Awards to career cannabis clothiers handed out at the newly minted Happy Place Festival, held recently up at Victorville.

The 1st Annual HAPPY Place Festival was the first Cannabis Festival held after Californians legalized recreational marijuana with Proposition 64 on Nov. 8, 2016, hence the 'no rec required' on the flyer ad. Because of this caveat thousands poured in to see 'marijuana treats' once reserved for the 420patient pot marketplace.

“It rained, snowed, but yes, we were stoned still celebrating New Years weekend, and starting off the new year with the cannabis industry. The Happy Place festival is a new year's celebration for like-minded people. It was two days & nights of live musical performances with premium lifestyle brands featured inside four buildings and at multiple outdoor areas. The Happy Place festival is to celebrate the diversity of our cannabis culture and join us in the unity of the Arts, Music and Friendship.” - Chacha Va Voom – President, 420Nurses

This year the group, 420nurses, was nominated as Cannabis Clothing Company of the Year, 2016 Industry Awards #HappyPlace2016. An able-bodied crew worked the booth to showcase the designs.

The list of competing clothes designers was long and formidable, with the winner determined by votes.

Thank you everyone for your Love and support and helping make 420Nurses #1 AWARD WINNING COMPANY 420Nurses®

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