Monday, January 30, 2017



BSC, CA – While covering a story about Mother's in Orange County to report on, the fabled Sister March and flash women mobs were happening across the globe. The news about the local version was hoisted up the flagpole or rolled out on the clothes line [take your pick] in glowing terms by our local free newsprint valley editor, Kim Harris, a female. The fresh off the press news was waiting for me. I skimmed the front page on return Saturday afternoon.

Then late yesterday afternoon I received a call from event mate [Mother's, OC] John Diaz. The buzz was out but yesterday was Sunday. I rested up from my Mother's coverage and downloaded my pics. However, first thing this morning was the present state of the country ignited by what is clearly a Clinton caused cancer to divide the country and turn things into turmoil, a George Soros specialty. This cancer spreads to all 'bleeding heart' liberals, those unaware of history, or those too lazy to learn the facts.

To do the work for my readers and get to the real nitty-gritty, make the jump and read the two sides to the mess. After that, watch the video to see why I love LA, home to Occupy Los Angeles.

Here is a link about the purpose of the protest event. Here is the link to the reality of bleeding heart liberal events and presents a credo I live by. Two opposing views are from the same city, that's why I love LA.

And now, Big Joe, who ain't from Kokomo, tells you 'where the bear shat in the woods'.  

(Tip o' the hat to John Diaz - Ed)

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