Thursday, January 19, 2017



BSC, CA – After seeing the rant by D.L. Hughley, reading the list of entertainers who refuse to perform or attend due to politics, intimidation, or both, and then to attract an anti-Trump comment from a story that doesn't even mention Trump's name, Holy Chihuahuas.

I can only think that either those fans think Trump said what he said, vaccines, chemtrails, no TPP, and no to globalization, as a lie, or that Trump said what he said to go after the 'conspiracy theorists' market. The hole in that logic is that Trump isn't responsible for any of that status quo contempt. Clinton is the ex-Monsanto/Rose Law Firm Partner and still buddy-buddy with the big guy, Soros.

Whether Trump lied or bull-shitted, he spoke about things none of the others, excepting Bernie Sanders, would speak of. Because of that shtick or spiel, depending on your view, it is The Don, not The Shew, who is riding to become our 45th President tomorrow. Good Luck, Obi-Wan, you are our last hope.

Presented for your pre-inauguration pleasure are [3] short vids more entertaining than my personal words that express the exact question posed in the first paragraph.

The world and this country are spinning out of control. For those with a religious belief you know this is the time called for, and there should be comfort in that. For those who are atheist, I suspose there is some comfort in as seeing things in that light. For those in-between, the shit's about to hit the fan*.

(*- Not to be confused with January 20th only. This ain't 24 Hours, Jack.)

Because, when have we had a President who was so much fun right from the start?

(Thanks, Jackie)

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