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BSC, CA – Before the Twilight Zone, before the Outer Limits, even before The Man Who Would Be Thursday, there was Franz Kafka.

Unlike the T-Zone or Outer Limits, there was a point, an end point, even sometimes justice in a Hitchcock way, but with Kafka's The Trial you find yourself in a maze with no cheese to maze to. There is no logical ending and no way out. At the end of reading you are glad it's a novel. That was then. This is now.

In the latest mockery to his 'chosen' race, Obama's Administration has rolled out someone's idea of a colored I Love Lucy as the image for black folks to feel proud of. Two questions. Is there any other caricature on a US coin? Guess what percentage of blacks will run out to buy one of these beauties?

Officially, "The coin demonstrates our roots in the past through such traditional elements as the inscriptions "United States of America, ' 'Liberty, ' 'E Pluribus Unum" and 'In God We Trust, '" the Treasury Department said in a statement.What isn't said is that black folks are being played by Disney.

Perhaps most folks will just be glad to have anything on a coin as a symbol of acceptance, but I was never most folks. That's why all my family left the South. That and the fact that everybody white who was born in the South with a family tree that goes back a hundred years is blood-related to someone black in the South who came there. Or you can research the word 'motherfucker' and see where that takes you.

Obviously since Hillary wasn't down for doing Barry's homework again, the out-going President commissioned some Ebony Magazine bound [I would think because of Chicago ties] young artist to come up with the Rosie Mama The Riveter depiction. With four days to go, Obama is fulfilling the reason why he had the dream he did as reported in Dreams of My Father, his best-seller, Oprah Pick of the Litter. [Ed note: the use of the word 'litter' does not reflect any criticism on the literary caliber within the aforementioned title, and is used to show a select grouping, hence the dog-show term].

However, this new Federal Reserve issue from country's currency maker is just the latest beat of the drum in this day of fake real news and real 'fake' news. So how do you stay grounded? Like any tent preacher would say, “Look up for your salvation.”

When you see this but hear nothing in the mainstream news, not even the term Geo-engineering, you can bet you are caught in something Kafkaesque. Some call it the Mandela Effect but most are just asking 'why?'

This is the question being asked by the good doctor in Vaccines Revealed, the eyewitness accounts of collusion that has and continues to poison our nation and the world's children through another Kafkaesque belief system. This is a question that I, your journalist, asked myself years ago concerning the marijuana movement for recognition of the plant's benign and useful purposes.

Like most people involved in the causes I support with my presence, I put the root cause down to money because money is always made on things that harm the planet and/or the people, along with useful things. The case is made for greed and sometimes well-intoned intentions go horribly wrong, but there is a common factor running through GMO this and that, the rush to destroy the planet, distress the inhabitants and mock anything God. When you reach the end of this Kafka-like journey regarding today's world, only one conclusion can be reached beyond the 'it makes no sense' platitude. We will see what conclusions Vaccines Revealed reaches in their final installments still airing for free.

A gold coin with a GMO black woman's graven image. Does anyone else see this like Hitler's desire to build a museum to the Jews once he had wiped out the Ashkenazim branch in Europe?

(All emphasis - Ed)

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