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BSC, CA – A long time ago, in a county far away, a group some might judge hippies, started a market that sold nothing but natural [organic] food called Mother's. At the time it seemed a novel California concept in a country caught up in out-producing other countries with food grown by Big Ag. Flash forward several decades and along comes my friend John Diaz, Prop 37 [to label GMOs], and Orange County moms, Kathleen and Zen, discovering organic food brought their children back from auto-immune distresses.

The ongoing mission statement of Mother's also called for days to showcase various vendors and promote their products so customers could try samples and get mfrs coupons to save some green. As the store grew from one location to the current number of seven the practice continued. Each location boasts a Vendor Day independently and this past weekend I rolled up to the Laguna Woods location for their 10-1PM event.

As always, and in keeping with Mother's original credo, we were there to foster awareness and make friends. Amazingly enough, the blustery cold and strong driving winds of late ceased that day. But then, why wouldn't Mother Nature cooperate? Everyone knows God couldn't be everywhere, so He made Mothers*. Make the jump and see things from the BSC POV.
The day would become a rousing success.

The morning started off bright and sunny.

 Of course the store had already opened for business at 7AM.

So the inside was hopping,

Vendors were setting up,

And prizes to be raffled off [free] put on display.

Smiling faces were everywhere,

As were interesting products specifically,

And the usual suspects, of course.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,

The face painters opened for business,

And the day began.

The event closed to smiles all around.

(All photos - BSC, CA;*- from the Hallmark Mother's Day I gave my mother once.)

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