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BSC, CA – This report deals with health and health tips, many of which are shortcut-ted here for the readers. Culled from numerous cause protest events, conversations, and 'french shower' politicking adventures because the mass pollution leading to 95% of all cancers comes from the environment [2010 President's Report on Cancer, Obama Administration], being healthy today means more than just a good diet. You must be aware!

Since many of us eat on the run, how to eat on the run is very necessary. It starts with the water you are served. Unless you are told the water is filtered like bottled water or you are served bottled water, skip the free water. If you like french fries, find what oil is used for deep frying; canola oil is no bueno – GMO. Any other oil will depend on your allergies. The final thing to watch out for and never included in any food review here since 99% of restaurants carry the usual fountain drinks is HFCS, or high fructose corn syrup. This GMO obesity agent is found also in most restaurant's catsup, BBQ sauce, and side relishes. Look on the label for 'sugar' or inquire to be sure. It's your body and your health.

Meanwhile thanks to real moms and pops, not those talking heads taking credit, a change is sweeping over the marketplace in terms of uncooked and ready-to-eat foods. Regardless of Obama's DARK Act, many companies DO care about their customers. The bigger the chain the more likely to be GMO or unhealthy; the smaller more local the better, after qualifying the filter of paragraph two. Hipster joints are 99 and 44/100% pure, but that's gonna cost you. Now about eating your honey,

To fully appreciate eating your honey, fresh breath is important because brushing your teeth with a non-fluoride toothpaste helps complete the De-calcification of your pineal gland started with drinking and cooking using only bottled water.

Besides being golden in color, the color of immortality, and guarded by insects with stingers, honey was recognized by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, as an exilir of the gods to Man. Honey may require a retraining of your taste-buds, especially if you drink coffee, but to kick the refined sugar habit [even with sugar sodas] is a step toward a new you if you see a weight problem. Below is a Before and After photo of this reporter.

The Before shots were taken two years before I went to Occupy LA and at Occupy Los Angeles, respectively.

The After shots are from #NoTPP events that happened about two years later and up until the recent #NoOn64 campaign. These pictures show what honey instead of refined sugar use [teas, hot and cold] plus the almost zero use of sodas, even those with real sugar, can do for a body.

Even more recently are the eyewitness reports about how cannabis oil used in conjunction with cannabutter is breaking down the Flu now ravaging parts of Orange County [Irvine, Orange, Newport]. And that brings us back to the two 420Nurse models in our lead-off shot. The ladies are modeling our tagline 'Eat your honey' with a tube of medicated [.25G Indica] wildflower honey with coconut oil by HoneyPotBear420.

Since both honey and cannabis oil are all-purpose health agents, the combination can't help but be beneficial given the all-but-forgotten Fukushima radiation and the dosing of glyphosate in the air currents. Blessed be the world's mightiest plant that brings forth the world's prettiest smoke ring.

Stay healthy, eat your honey.

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