Monday, January 9, 2017



BSC, CA – Some things learned at Occupy LA were, one - it is the Usual Suspects behind all the world's ills. This truth can be debated on the details but like Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees, all the shit rolling uphill goes to a single point. Spooch!!

Number two, the various city governments are for the business interests, not the citizens, and whatever the government buys with public money becomes the governments. And the government is the 'new' private sector.

Number three. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” - The Who
During the days of the Occupy camp-in at the heart of Los Angeles across the street from Police Dept. HQ, in the Courthouse-City Hall complex, at no time did the Mayor or anyone Official ever venture over into the camp for a visit, a powwow, a negotiation, or even a query. This wasn't a terrorist situation, it wasn't an ISIS takeover, it was local residences with a particular beef about a city issue.

Instead the Mayor and the powers of LA and LA Culture were attending an affair more in line with the sordid SRA being labeled as 'fake news' by the fake news. The picture above is from one such dinner that happened as we camped out on the City Hall lawn for the 99%, 95% of which were oblivious like a battered spouse. Those in charge are not us, and we are not part of them. Reference the word 'between' from Gen 3:15 for further explanation.

There was one other OLA reveal that tied all of us Old Schoolers together, since there was an age pecking order. This was a motto emblazoned on a protest sign that went all the way back to the 60s:

“For every bomb we drop, we could build a school.”

Now we have 11 days to go before our Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prez leaves office and people are wondering about Obama's Legacy. When the smoke clears, it isn't about who is sleeping with who or what, how they are doing it and with whom, or how many shades of the Morning Star they are; your Presidential legacy is about what the world will think outside of the United States.

When you understand that in the time space of your official reign, you could have built 72 schools a day, 72 schools a day just last year according to this official report, but instead, you chose to do the opposite and drop a bomb, your legacy is all 'B's compared to D'oh-B-Ya – Bigger, Badder, Browner.

Maybe now people will begin to understand where the money for free healthcare and free education, benefits that Bernie Sanders talked of before his neutering, comes from. The free $74K+ that every doctor in the United States gets [on average, AARP figures] would more than make up the difference even with Veteran care thrown in, minus the usual corruption that is.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gets a standing ovation at a Broadway Show of The Color Purple from her peers in the midst of her peers, and we are right back to where we came in, aren't we?

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