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previously titled – BEAUTY MARK OF THE BEAST -

BSC, CA – Perhaps nothing on the planet has baffled more people longer than Rev 13:16, 17. What is the 'mark' of the beast?

This report sheds light on that baffling, ages-old mystery by three points in relativity: what the beast is; you, in relation to the mark; and what the mark really represents according to Strong's Concordance.

Russia has long been associated with 'the king of the north' and loosely with the Gog and Magog analogy. Russia is mentioned in Nostradamus' end-times predictions and today Putin is central in the run-up to war. When Gorbachev first came to power in the USSR back in the mid 80s, people absolutely freaked out, particularly Christians. I was watching that group of those wondering, but an old friend now lost in the annals of the past named Monte Johnson gifted me a 30lbs Strong's C. and that opened my eyes.

So pull up a chair, twista jaye, and lend an ear, er, eye if you don't have your Strong's handy this morning. BSC looks into the mark of the beast. Jump into awareness.

The Strong's word number is 5480. This is the same word number found in the passages of Revelation 13:16, 17; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20, and 20:4. Please note that 'mark' in its #5480 context appears NO PLACE outside of Revelation. Nowhere. That's a clue.

The noun 'mark' as used in the last book of the Bible, the book that almost didn't make the cut, is defined as: [a*] scratch/etching, stamp as badge of servitude; graven mark [engraved*]; sculptured figure.

Also the word #5480 definition is referenced to word #5482 which adds 'a palisade or rampart, trench [oceans*]. And the definition of word #5481 comes from #5482  by adding a further adjunct: engraver; stamped, exact copy. There is an additional reference here of the verb #1125 which means: to write, engrave; to describe.

When you add all these clues together including the time of introduction in the Bible, you get modern money as it is now, not in some distant future as most pulpit-pounders want you to purchase.

If the 'mark' of the beast is modern money, what does that mean really? Well, remember The Matrix? The blue pill represents money. The red pill represents the rage you feel when you find out pizzagate, spirit cooking, vaccines, and GMOs are poisoning the world which a whole rich ruling class condones. This is our reality and there is not a diddle that you can do about it. That's rage, folks. A step below that is the resolve you see in many of the people I run across bringing you, my readers, friends and family, these real news stories. News that affects you, and me as a parent, not a talking head.

If money is the blue pill, then the matrix is the beast. What does the Strong's say about the beast in Revelation?

Here the clues to the beast identity are spelled out in less concrete terms. You are put on a par of painting a mystery picture instead through telling you what the beast is like.

The beast that we are concerned with which goes hand-in-hand with our mark actually has two roots but both again tell what the outermost characteristics are because the beast is so monstrous, i.e. awesomely overpowering.

The first beast is word #2226 which reflects the use found in the past, i.e. Daniel [OT] is: a live thing [animated with life*], like an animal [having animal attributes*].

The second word #2342 is a diminutive of the word #2339; a dangerous animal, (venomous, wild) beast [not animal*]. Word #2339 defines as: a wild animal, as game hunting i.e. fig. destruction – trap.

Have you put together now what the beast really is, or how the beast (#2342) is today's system by The Man?

Here is the visual clue that comes Straight Outta OccupyLA. In center camp at the foot of the South staircase facing them, stood a giant mural hand painted by an artist surfer from Down Under who was in camp just 3 days. The mural set piece is the capture, graphically, of the mark and the beast.

At the top center-left covering more than an eighth but less than a quarter space was the Federal Reserve Building with a giant kraken on top [although that is the only size they come that's ever been reported*]. Each arm of this kraken menaced the crowd, which poured out toward the viewer like a movie poster. Each arm was also labeled; police brutality, chemtrails, banksters/Wall Street, GMOs, Big Pharma, etc.; but you get the picture.

And if you get the picture, really get the picture, it seems hopeless. If the blue pill is money and the matrix, the program, or system, is the beast, you are Neo walking down that busy, crowded street just before the woman in the red dress appears. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO??

Be here when we wrap this train of thought, our present point to ponder upon, in Abraham, Martin, and John, Plus You, coming soon.

(*- not in Strong's, Ed)

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