Tuesday, January 10, 2017



BSC, CA – It should surprise no one that Hillary is thundering once again, arising like a phoenix. When you roll with spirit cookers and other evil circles you are past redeemable but not past rejuvenation. Though absolutely disgusting, more shocking to know than 'virgin sacrifices' like the ones joked about in Joe vs. The Volcano are and were kid sacrifices because children were/are a renewable resource, is the awareness the editors of our culture knew the truth and chose to edit reality rather than address the problem.

There is a war for your mind, a war for your wallet, and a war for your health. These wars are being perpetrated in a coup long foretold by the John Birth Society, who saw this coming in 1958 and came out with this eye-catching banner, the most liberal, you could say, in their agenda.

I had personally come across the group first through a magazine article, probably Playboy [I actually did read the mag for the articles, the pics were just the cherry while the cartoons were the icing, or my WSJ subscription], and later through the association of the son of a small niche market warehouse equipment company family. This Davenport, Iowa association unfolds starting on page 178, Ch. 14, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green and concludes with the first time I ever saw the Rolling Stones 'live'.

Aliased 'Richard Westley III' in my work, this person's influence on my life was only slightly hinted at by the remark of Max for me not to become too disarmed by him. Richard and I did had some intense discussions over politics, race, and religion; some music was also thrown in like the Alan Parsons Project. And always it was maximum fun. He had a pocket tooter and a sharp sense of wit. He loved political debate and smoking weed back in those days was still very clandestine, for everybody.

After we had a sesh one Friday night to start our usual party weekend stay-over, he asked me what I knew about the JBS. What I knew came from the racial POV towards their agenda but Richard assured me that I had the group all wrong. By the end of the weekend I had a different viewpoint about the group and how the game of politics is really played. While I didn't agree with their viewpoint on the race issue, per se, it was the bigger picture, a picture now revealed to be the United Nations, the CIA, and the present coup for the country that caught my attention.

When you look in hindsight, a disturbing truth comes shinning through. We all have heard the line in the Century For A New America Report as what was needed was 'a new Pearl Harbor', in reference to 911 and its aftermath spin on politics. “A new Pearl Harbor.” Let that sink in, a 'new' Pearl Harbor. What does that say about the old Pearl Harbor? Does the 'The Sinking of The Maine' rang a familiar sound?

But enough of a look back. As someone famous once infamously said, “What difference does it make now? What difference does it make now?”

It only makes a difference if you realize one thing: history repeats because people repeat history. War makes a blood-money economy and thins out the flocks. For people who worship the dark side, can there be any other way to bring about a bigger blood sacrifice than goading Russia into a war or [false flag] attack, cough, Gulf of Tonkin?


(**- One word, but not firetruck)

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