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BSC, CA – Under cloudy skies perhaps signaling the less than sunny outlook for Prop 64 supporters, I rolled down the highway with Letitia Peppers and WeHo Auma Protest chum Brad, on the way to a wrap party given by Joe Hemp [not his real name] who had dropped off the grid after the election before Hillary. Curled up in a post-election funk, the distant thud of smoke didn't even register on my radar screen. Tonight I would find out the back story and see other WeHo Event faces.

For me personally, two things I wondered about as a journalist and as an activist. What was the latest point of view line of sight reasoning as the driving force forward? Plus the practical applications.

All this and more with Pot Goonies post-election reunion wrap party, right after the jump. Did we mention pictures??

Did we ever? There was the swag. Pictured below is a sampling artistically arranged for display.

Not too shabby for an intimate soiree featuring stories of a mother helped by ingesting cannabis in her food [her daughter's invention and strain] the last three years of her life before dying at 93.

We were gathered in different rooms inside Joe's sprawling compound,

As well as outside by the fire.

There was live music, your best entertainment value*.

The Latin fusion [Salsa to you old schools] band Calle Placer ['pleasant street'] did a Smooth Operator cover that Sade Adu would have applauded.

Later the night wound down into thoughtful conversations and the sharing of marketing information for future expansion into the now 'for patients-buy patients' cannabis market.

Then Letitia said her Goodbyes, I finished my Stella, and Brad waved 'See Ya' out the back window,

But not before two of the Pot Goonies sent their regards to the Berkeley cover boy from a past-trender.

To which we got a cordial reply. Good Times.

Pretty much as the election wrapped then a couple of black SUVs showed up in Joe's neighborhood. In a panic move Joe pulled his YouTube vids, shutdown the channel, and ditched his email address. He then went off grid. At present he is moving so this was a send-off party, hence the family members and the cause cast. This was an interesting mix of groups and I ran across some Trump supporters who were sweating for him in Fla and Penn during the election.

The leading direction now being advanced is that though cannabis alone will save you, a proper lifestyle [moderate alcohol use, no cigarettes/nicotine, proper nutritional education, avoidance of tap water/toothpaste [fluoridation], ditto HFCS and refined sugar, is the way to go. All these efforts require the buyer to beware; exactly what market Capitalism is based on. As in the philosophy of Buddism, all activists are at various stages of Enlightenment along a variety of disciplines.

Swag shown: Funxtas NHO products; edible cookie cake with chocolate chips, Debbie Coleman; Evergreen tasting nug in center of picture, man eating cake inside house, party favor; Gelato joints, Joe Hemp party favors; roaches, editor. 

(* - Bucky Montgomery)

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