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BSC, CA – For people like me, born outside the California culture that spawned Jack Herer and such, I could only read glimpses in magazine articles that caught my eye as I made my pot memoirs. Granted, I was reading popular magazines that carried subjects that interested me, but people like that just were people that I read about. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I would meet and smoke weed with people that I once read about; people at the heart of the California cannabis core.

Melodye Montgomery and Jeff Clark in a recent photo op.

Then I came to California, Southern California, and like the line goes in Pretty Woman, it is a place where dreams do come true. I met and smoked out with Jack Herer, twice, before he crossed over in 2010. It wasn't that I just bumped into Jack one day on the street. In California, you have to know somebody who knows somebody and so on. In a town of 25,000 it wasn't a hard thing to do, as I found out, if you worked in a mini-mart gas station.

Parallel to events early in Chapter 20, an acquaintance who was 420 friendly on my graveyard shift, led me to know a valley local who did silk-screening, aka tee shirt printing, in a small self-contained secluded plot of land in the heart of Murrieta. This woman was/is also a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, no joke. Through her I met her artist, a man named James. James, now also deceased, knew a couple named Victor, who sued and won a medical pot victory over the Temecula City Council. BSC, then the Full Value Review, was there. Marty and Lavonne [the Victors, soon to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary], were good friends with Jack Herer from when they all lived in the Valley [SFV].

Once I got inside the cause core, especially as a journalist, I became aware of the fuller circle of people this man Jack Herer had come from. Occupy Los Angeles was my intro into the LA part of the cause core and this is where I met Jeff Clark the first time, along with Melissa Balin, head 420Nurse Chacha Va Voom, John Diaz, and the two future pot goonies, Patrick and Jeanette.

Later involvement with LA's NORML, both with Prop 37 [label GMOs] and announcing my book on the morning of Doomsday at their potluck meeting, led into the UCC fundraiser event and a signed poster by Jeff Clark, the artist who drew it. If memory serves, Jeff was the first 'old schooler' to give me a 'thumbs-up' on publishing my cannabis memories, and the only one of two who didn't treat my work as a pissing contest. I believe he also got a copy of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

Jeff Clark, left, in an undated photo with 420Nurses and another cannabis activist.

Freedom fighter Jeffery Clark Jeff Clark passed away quietly in no pain and at peace, at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield CA, on January 9, 2016, at 12:30 am. For a fuller picture of Jeff Clark, please see the excellent piece by Summer Rain here.

Rest. In Peace. Say 'high' to Jack, from Mr. Pete. And thanks.

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