Monday, February 13, 2017



BSC, CA – With all the rain to hit the West Coast recently and more on the way, it might seem a minor miracle to some that Marco's Pizza had a glorious grand opening under gorgeous, read no chem trails, er, Geo-engineered skies.

However, given the Grand Opening was on a Sunday, was located within walking distance of a big Christian college that does mission ministries, and free pizza was being offered, it was enough of a dance to drive away any blues but sky.

Chef Marco certainly thought so, though he didn't drop, pop, and lock.

The young posse I joined up with at the corner had their sights set. The smallest, Ireland, was there for the bounce house, and they all laughed when reckoning her to the Bob's Burgers character, Louise.

Riley, the girl in the serape and the leader of the pack, was there for the pizza, free pizza. The girls are part of a mission ministry at the college. They invited me to a Filipino style luau there later but I declined knowing the two food styles don't mix well for me.  

But we weren't the only ones there for free pizza.

And this was just to get into the party. The posse laughed when I joked, "Were all these people bused in like Hillary Clinton voters?" I mean, it wasn't like we were fashionably late.

Upon entry and a raffle ticket, guess what awaited?

Then just before we turned the corner to receive a number of sample pizza choices, had someone tipped Chef Marco that "Temecula's favorite journalist" [- Midnight Satellites], was in line? The Chef came up to say 'Hello'. Had he read Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green

Then he moved away to mingle; later to dance. The crowd was all Murrieta. The day couldn't have been happier.


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