Friday, February 3, 2017



BSC, CA – Once again things are popping on the Shamrock side of the magical valley I live in. A new pizza place is set to for it's grand opening but you, dear readers, can get the 'I'm with the band' before the show set-up to Marcos Pizza, Hemet, Menifee, and now Murrieta.

Like many people in my area, I had been waiting to see when the open sign would go from Soon to Now. A few days ago, that moment happened, so join us as we take a sneak peak and have a bite to whet the appetite.

Every pizza shop has to start with the appearance, whether a local one stop or a national chain. Marcos is a national chain of franchises; first knowledge of this coming from Captain Tuesday. During the Captain's stay in Alabama, only Domino's and Marcos delivered to his outpost of southern exposure.

One day last week the Open sign changed from Soon to Now.

Marco's opened in 1978 at a time when about 2000 people lived around these parts.

Marcos has an Italian heritage brought out with up-to-date graphics.

The pie sizes are displayed in simple terms which prove helpful with first-time calls to order [piz]Za.

Meanwhile, an able-bodied crew awaits orders during the soft opening. I had a delicious large pepperoni that lasted me two days, including yummy leftovers.

Deliveries are also available now.

Be here for the Grand Opening, Sunday, Feb. 12th, 1PM-4PM, for free pizza, a bounce house, face painter, games, contests, and prizes,

As we report on the latest East Coast slice of Murrieta life, neighbors to the area's Sonic.

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