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BSC, CA – I am not alone in thinking this past Super Bowl weekend would have had a different outcome. For me it was the cancellation of the Super Bowl party that I was heading to up in LA, not the game outcome, that affected me. However being a trained journalist and having the luck of Lois Lane, sometimes the story finds you, especially when you add pepper to the recipe. Letitia Pepper, that is.

Having gone down to Oceanside on Friday for my Super Bowl trip up to LA on Sunday [impossible to do from here on the weekend via public transit], Letitia picked me up at the transit center and asked me if I would be interested in doing a story on a guy who sells organic produce from his home on the weekend? Still fresh from my Orange County food fights, I said, “Yeah.”

What I found was a variation on the Quad Cities Food Bank story I covered while back in the Midwest. A link to this story is here if you didn't catch it the first time around, being a new reader. As expressed in the story 'Thanks to Us It's Working', the ripple started by the activists promoting Label GMOs is now showing bloom despite Obama's DARK Act, through citizen involvement solutions to thwart Monsanto both through alt health functions and community grows springing up like dandelions on a green GMO lawn. But for this Lois Lane, the story really started with the book of Luke.

Cyclops Farms is a inner-city farm owned by a surfer who supplies a hipster, read now mindset cabal of young, sassy chefs,  and was first 'discovered' by a wine maker with the 'ins' to the blossoming 'restaurant scene' happening now in O-side along Coast Hwy a few blocks from the beach at night. The faint grey horizon line you see is normally the blue Pacific, off in the distance.

You can't have a farm without a dog, meet June, Letitia you already know.

If it looks to some as though these two are having a conversation, let's just say there is a back story, but we're here for the veggies.

While you can get all the details in the book of the same name, 

The collaboration of Chris Lobo and Luke Girling led to having a monthly farm dinner of Luke's veggies and Native Wine pairings, 

Plus Luke's book is a cookbook featuring recipes from the chefs who work the restaurants 

That buy Luke's produce. The restaurants tip Luke on what to plant prior to each growing season.

People shopped in a leisurely, almost Southern way under very overcast skies.

On Saturday, Chef Beau Bonham mans the vittles. Chef Beau is also a  Cyclops harvester.


People arrived to record this valiant neighborhood food super bowl.

And to add their names to the list for the Cyclops Farms monthly water bill dinner.

So where does this farm-raised roughage go? At present, to 10 topnotch hot-spots around DTO-side and Vista, 

Like the Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro, pictured above, and these others.
Around the country people are starting to take back the country from our treasonous, store-bought, Monsanto-captured, bureaucrats and government handlers in the Spirit that birthed America.

(*- Restaurants that Luke delivered veggies via skateboard before the Native Wines collaboration.)

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