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BSC, CA – These are the days that make a 'Perry White' editor shout “Stop the presses” as you chomp down on a blunt. What a glorious time to be alive for a foe of Proposition 64. Kudos for the Washington MMJ scene. “Mortimer, we're back.” Holy Moly! This is a knee-jerker! Seth Parker gets to write off a huge loss, Soros gets a kick to the nads, and the people witness a bolt from the blue*.

Still rolling down hill as the word spreads first through the medical marijuana and pro-64 camps before all the ramifications spread out is the news from Trumpland that medical cannabis is IN; recreational marijuana is OUT. WOOHOO!! Jeff Sessions has announced that he is going to be 'Eric Holder' on the legal side's ass, or a thorn in the side, for those orthodox Christian readers, to the recreational side. This is bad news for those who try and hustle fat sacs outside Walmarts. Legality just went up like a cloud of smoke.

Satanic ritual and child exploitation have been with us through the ages, whether we see it or not, through secret societies and organizations, hence, why they are secret. This story will replace PizzaGate, possibly deep-sixing the topic because pot is hot, real evil is not. Real evil is often removed from the everyday man. Pot is everywhere, and everywhere you want to be. “Holy, cough, cough, what was I saying, Batman?”

President Trump no doubt continues to baffle and befuddle many. TPP, gone, with hardly a whisper in the fake stream media. A vaccine reward of 100K to prove that mercury in shots DOESN'T cause autism. Hundreds of recent arrests for child trafficking including a ton in California. Questioning the buildings collapsing on 911 since he builds skyscrapers. Shining a light on the refugee crisis caused by the neocon elites to bring about the ages-old prophecy uttered by Nostradamus about these end times. This prediction was really spelled out by the excellent but now pulled, 'The Man Who Saw Tomorrow' narrated by Orson Welles. And this just mentions a portion of what you're not being told about the President's doings. With this most present move, three things stand out in the rising smoke-filled dreams.

The first thing is, unlike Obama, a pot hypocrite, and Bush, a coke head alkie, Trump is a teetotaler who understands the real news that cannabis helps people and that you shouldn't try and make money off people you judge by your preconceived standards. That's a businessman, as opposed to a politician, cough, pay-for-play-Hillary. BTW, Trump has cleared the infamous 7th Floor of the State Dept. Yepper!

Number two, regardless of how you dress it up, pot is a competitor to booze, especially hard alcohol. Even a pro like me will get cross-faded off any hard liquor and any weed over a night. The liquor industry, many of which are Republicans, breathed a sigh of relief just now because of the Don. Remember, that Republican Party mailer that came before the election had no comment whatsoever about Prop 64, while the Democrats were doubling down hard, hard as Can You Fear Me Now?, er, Hear Me Now? Sorry about the typo, Sports Fans.

And finally numero Tres. As stated in Chapter 20 based upon the secret thread woven throughout my real-life narrative, there are unique positive aspects that occurred in my life because of smoking cannabis as a substitute for drinking alcohol on a daily basis. My family aren't alcoholics but we are drinkers, being out of Kentucky. Ever meet a Russian who couldn't handle more vodka than you?

Along the way in my life of 71 years young and, ahem, I noticed a trend that later led me to postulate that cannabis has its own magic element to it that reaches beyond the pull of money. Cannabis is akin to the Temple vessels Nebuchadnezzar carried off which were responsible later for the writing on the wall metaphor, an actual event. [See Dan, epec Ch5, KJV]

That amazing characteristic gave rise to the true prediction voiced by the rear cover text of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

See more on this breaking development possibly after this packed[?] weekend.

(*- Well, Zen, we might have a new conversation to start at your next potluck, huh?)

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