Thursday, February 9, 2017



BSC, CA – Not since Bill Clinton uttered that infamous line, “I knew I liked that dress the moment I spotted it,” to Monica Lewinsky, has the world been so engrossed in a Clinton scandal. This time the scandal isn't something for the world to stand back at, chuckle at, or wonder 'what's all fuss about?' This time it is the world that is exposed; the world of sex traffic, pedophilia, blackmail, and satanic rituals. The blue-blood vein of evil is exposed.

Pretty much for as long as the world has been in its current cycle [from Genesis, KJV], underage sex between adults [usually family, Lot and his two daughters] and kids [again Lot offering his two virgin daughters to strangers] has been happening. One also has to wonder about Abram and Hagar's age. I'm betting that she was no older than 15. Child murder began with Cain, as the brothers weren't 'men' fighting each other as warriors.

Sex and murder. Being a kid doesn't make you immune to adult issues, but up until recently, this kind of thing stayed not in the shadows, but around the corner in the alleyway sane people never went down. It was more than out of sight, out of mind, it was a family affair, like having a gay relative. Now the truths about both old taboos are in the light, but only one lifestyle has gained acceptance. The defining factor is consent. The guiding light of Justice is Divine Intervention, or to mortals, the Hitchcock ending. Presenting Hillary Clinton's Hitchcock beginning.

My grandmother said, “In your day [end times], all of Man's secrets will be revealed. All the things he has kept hidden will be out in the open for all to see.”

The modern era of child molestation outing began with the Catholic Church, who had this rather off-color remark regarding the #PizzaGate birthed term, 'fake news', think conspiracy theorist [the CIA birthed disinformation term].

But I digress. This whole ticking time bomb started with Hillary Clinton and the color green.

Along the way to being the most disliked politician since Earl Butz, Hillary drew the wraith of Wikileak's Julian Assange who leaked her Wall Street speeches in response to the Hillary/DNC drubbing of Bernie Sanders.

These 'leaks' were blasted by the Hens and Friends fans as being done by the 'No GMOs Here' Russians. Many readers of the 'fake stream media' or government/bankster cabal, 

Well, they may still believe the broadcast 'fake' news, but here's the real skinny...

And we are back to a story that started out with the bang of a Black Cat firecracker.

Before leading up to almost 500 sex traffickers being popped two days ago in a huge CA sting.

But stay tuned because there are plenty of familiar faces who like 'pizza' and 'sauce'.

Incidentally, an innocent journalist was wrongfully chewed up and spit out by the Clinton machine in the fallout from this story. His name is David Seaman and the use of his name is a tribute to say, 'keep on keepin' on.' These are sick bastards to the un-churched. To the churched, these are sick bastards but not unbelievable. It's why we have faith.   

Stay tuned as this is a developing story...

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