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BSC, CA – With Ash Wednesday beginning the 40 day official start to Easter, a celebration not found in the NT [KJV], it was time to revisit an Italian restaurant I ran up on a while back owned by another guy named 'Pete', actually Pietro in this case, for Lent*.

It was rare day when I wondered inside the cozy atmosphere of Trattoria Toscana one afternoon after the lunch rush with some time to kill. The visit prompted several more but never a review until now because it was a bucket list story. As the end of an era approaches, I feel more a Morgan Freeman than a Denzel every day.

The restaurant area is reminiscent of a cafe in coziness but the more sedate décor brings a better setting for enjoying well-prepared food [all Italian, prepared by real Italians from the Isle of Sardinia] in those hidden gems outside Wine Valley. The Old World ambience comes via a fetchingly similar story to Ric, the Italian who owned The Vault [First Season]. When you read about the Isle it makes you wonder what could ever cause a person to leave?

Like Riccardo, it was love at first sight, or first bite, if Pietro was cooking for his American tourist.

Those crazy, romantic guys named 'Pete'.

The restaurant interior is homey.

With displays of art to illustrate and remind, both.

The menu is varied, but upon hearing one of the daily off-menu chef specials,

The Pesce Del Giorno [Seabass] and learning that I could Martin Weir** the dish, I got the bass replacing the veggies with what my taste buds were secretly craving, a Sammy Hagar "best of both worlds" tip from Jennifer, my waitress.

Trattoria Toscana is located behind the Broken Yolk Cafe, by Aaron Brothers Art & Framing, Temecula.

(*- Originally meant Spring, central Europe; ** - Get Shorty reference; $$-$$$)

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