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BSC, CA – As the last days wind down for this reporter's beat, the political territory covered over the years has been vast and varied, but it's time now to distill it down like a prime Kentucky bourbon, for this story is aged like such. The 3 men listed in the title have more in common than just a song. Can you deduce what that commonality is since this is the second part to The Mark of The Beast?

In the first part we saw how 'money' and the idea of it, is really a form of mystical servitude from our Strong's Concordance definition of 'mark' from the NT beast connection. You are either a slave to it or a slave for it. But a slave nonetheless. The concept of the money system comes from Nebuchadnezzar, see first chapters of Daniel, KJV. However beyond the invention of the system, this King was sent a dream which cryptically reveals what the system really is. And who.

Money is the system of blood energy for the god mammon*, the god of money who is only mentioned 4 places in the Bible [Matt 6:24; Luke 16:9, 11, 13]. While this is hard to envision, once again Hollywood comes to the rescue with the visuals of Dr. Strange's enemy, Dormammu. Same form but with different metal sections, ie., head [gold]; upper torso [silver]; down to the feet [petrol dollars]. Satan and Jesus both come from off-planet, either wholly or in part, but mammon is an earth god symbolizing ownership and control through the use of money, his blood energy. As Prince of the Air, Satan is mammon's Darth Vader hence the 'earthly' material enticements ['temptations'].

Jesus being the person he is at the time, was still allowed to preach his gospel against the orthodox view of what you need in the world [money, control, ownership, power] because money [blood energy] stayed in circulation with the Jewish Church being a cornerstone of the national system. When Jesus threw out the money-changers, threatening a major artery flow to the earth god who sided with Satan and the rest of the fallen angles, JC crossed the line and the Spiritual Order went forth.

Although things appear a 'conspiracy' now exposed as a mass program working in concert on various levels worldwide to bring about a certain endpoint [NWO], it is really a certain vibration that each bloodline [Cain/Serpent & Seth/Woman] resonates to or against and natural. The energy of money is the matrix both bloodlines travel in, therefore mammon wins regardless of the outcome between the bloodlines' churn. It is the bloodline of Cain that wishes to eliminate the other, like the original offspring. The allowance of usury in the money system assures the system will ultimately become a machination [something evil] because the greedy and those who love money will rise to the top.

Now we are at the end of things or at the feet stage of the image. We are all part of the world system [money] of governance regardless of being part of the world bank or not. When the Bible was written, you could not travel the world on a credit card or move between cultures as an un-escorted, undisguised woman. 

Now you can. This is the future and we have all accepted the mark [money] of the beast [mammon]. We accept money in our hand [usually right] or have our pin number on our mind in the forefront of useful, daily info. That's the bad news, but what did you expect since we are under the auspices of immortal or time traveler beings. To illustrate how this 'earthly' god can show his [masculine] presence, if you are paying attention.

Several weeks ago I covered a pizza shop opening and I shot a ton of pictures. Later I picked out the ones that best illustrated the day from my POV, and it was then that I saw it. Below is the picture without the reveal. Study it and see if you can see the connection.

OK, before I get to the answer, we must remember a big visual clue to the Illuminati, the all-seeing eye as is on the dollar bill, the currency used by the poorest classes to lock them into economic slavery through sacred geometry, ie., Moloch.

Now that you all have checked your dollars and found Moloch, the same deity one of Hillary's main friends told her that she made a sacrifice to in a hacked [but never denied] DNC email, we can make the association to the all-seeing or One eye,

In this picture from the pizza grand opening. To your left note the American Flag patch on the woman's sleeve and then almost directly to the right and through the picture center line there is a baby with one eye showing because the other eye is shrouded by a blanket. 

After Jesus, Mammon had the place [realm] all to himself, including us mammals [starting to see things now as the matrix is all around you. History was pretty much written by the seeds of Cain, not the meek of the earth. Since money is the energy resource it must be managed like oil production. The people who have this task are written about, wealthy, and well-known. I am a very distant relative in more ways than one.

America was known long before the European Columbus invaded the place for regime change, as we would call it today, colonization for you Old Schools. World War II was really Old Money Power fighting the coming 'sleeping giant' of money [power] over territory, also the same as today. That's why the evil Nazi/Japanese scientists were rescued and not shot for war crimes. This 'faction' of the world supports those who love money. Abraham Lincoln was a part of this bankers model that fought and won against the Old World economy of physical assets [land, slaves, cotton].

Martin Luther King fought the money system control from the other angle, the angle of circulation, or as Zen Honeycutt and other Moms would politicize, “Vote [against GMOs] with your purse/wallet.” To win our public right to eat at restaurants and lunch counters throughout Jefferson County [Louisville, Ky], black high school children were galvanized [radicalized] because there were not enough black college students [probably who cared enough to get involved] available.

King explained the reason for our protest, but not in talking head terms of 'equal justice' or 'we deserve this because'. No, Dr. King broke it down into dollars and sense, financial sense. It took him two minutes and when he was done every kid* in the room would have marched into Hell with him, and felt right as rain.

The press, especially the white main stream media, didn't report the political strategy much beyond the emotion-inducing crowd/police pictures ['If it bleeds, it leads'], and the few that did like the Wall Street Journal, were/are read by the people who run the system, not those within it. When MLK united both poor Southern Blacks WITH poor Southern Whites, King like Jesus crossed the line. Jesse got the nod to run for Prez if he delivered, and he did.

Ah, JFK. So many reasons to kill him, and of course blame the Russians, like now. But once again, it was the money thing. Kennedy had signed or was about to sign an executive order ending the Federal Reserve and have America issue its own currency. This was a threat to the Establishment and so he had to go. 

You are part of this as we all are, whether you stand on a corner to do a horn 'n' wave or you are meeting inside the Ritz-Carlton away from the din of our clatter. We all use and need money to survive, to make banners, to buy gas or tickets for public transportation; or you wind up like Tyler Goulet, under the heel of money housed like a wild animal, past the ability to buy or sell, a weed no longer tumbling.

Two points of history need to be realized for all of humanity to move off the dime.

The Jews have delivered on their promise, whether they choose to believe it or not [because one day they will and rent their clothes, KJV]. And ...

We have all accepted the mark [money] of the beast [system, mammon]. That's the bad news. There is good news, however. Join us here for the next part in this series, The Idea of Ownership.

(*- From Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green)

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