Tuesday, March 21, 2017



BSC, CA – There is no doubt that President Trump has a plate full of political turmoil probably not seen since Pilot's day about 2000 years ago. Looking back for the immediate impact, I would have to say today the news blast is bigger considering the worldwide, nations-linked network interlaced within the NGOs and political avenues concerning pedos. That in itself is a whale of an issue, embedded as it is within the mainstream media elite but busting forth like Springtime.

WOTS is Jeff Sessions sent Tony the Whiner a no-nonsense note that read, “You can have Jerry S. as a cellmate for your foreseeable future, or you can be the partner to cartoon cat Sylvester. Your choice, but don't tarry, they're trying to impeach me and you'll go down before I do.” - Your friend, JS

Amazingly all of this [war talk with Russia, NK, China, NWO, CFR, etc,] is tied together, it just depends on where you are getting the battlefield news from; front lines or CNN. Speaking of the networks, it seems another news journalist professional who got too close to some real news has suffered for his airing the wrong [real news] subject. More after the jump.

Before we catch up on this still trending topic that won't disappear regardless of being ignored by the lame stream press, it must be noted that not every mainstream reporter or journalist is a pedo disbeliever. Stephen Colbert put his ridicule of PizzaGate down to his boss making him do it. And I used to wonder why I liked Jon Stewart and his show so much more. I mean, they were both East Coast news satire.

Though David Seaman, pictured below, has been doubling down in the second tier covering the scope of PizzaGate, the thing that got him tossed from his Huffington Post gig was asking about Hillary's health when she collapsed like the towers on this last 9-11 at the 9-11 site in New York. David became another notch on Hillary's pants suit, but stayed a live one.

The latest journalist to get a David Seaman-style hatchet job is this guy, Ben Swann.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Mean contributes to the scheme.

In response to the story from whence it came and the General's firing.

However, this isn't over because while PizzaGate may be local [US], PedoGate is international.

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