Saturday, March 11, 2017



BSC, CA – What a week! “It all comes out in the wash!” – Old School motto.

Barack Obama caught [and denying] ordering illegal use of the government by wiretapping a political opponent to Hillary Clinton, the current and ruling President for the People, Donald J. Trump.

The exposure of the CIA using a program to hack the DNC that leaves 'Russian' footprints behind for investigators to find [using the cop's gun to shoot the police chief type stuff], Hillary hiring a hit piece writer to destroy Trump and gullible lemming Rep. Maxine Waters calling it the gospel. Both Antarctica and PizzaGate, now called PedoGate, continue to heat up and it's not climate change, Terri-farming that's doing it, plus we got a massive dump about the CIA from Vault 7 – Booyah!

But beyond a doubt, the real News of the Week wasn't a leak, but a tweet. Sonavagun!

Talk about killing the fatted calf, now every racist redneck is saying, "A-HA!"

For the rest of us, the ones who saw through his veil or past his beard [Henry Kissinger, the man who selected Obama], along with those who wondered about the 'Why' of this event,

We can now have our curiosity assuaged with this first alien disclosure.

Now this, 

and this

Seems more this,

And this,

Thanks, Bro.

You Rock!!

Coming in Part Two, the Great Satan explained. SOON.

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