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BSC, CA – As I pack up the office, the CDs are a big part, me being a music reviewer and all. Playing one from the days of Madlin's by Jonathan Magdaleno seemed to fit my mood from returning from seeing Tyler Goulet's trial and sentencing. In fact, the title is a line from the last song on the DIY artistic effort. You could say that the trial and sentencing went as well as could be expected, considering I left the house at 7AM and got back at 3. If you knew how close in distance the courthouse is from me physically, you'd say, 'WOW!'

To be truthful, we were done a few minutes after 12Noon but when you don't drive, you take the public chauffeur service, aka the bus. Around here the local lines are an hour apart to catch, and I had missed breakfast so it was over to The Shamrock for a wee bit o' lunch. When I left the house it was 47 degrees and when I returned the temp was 81.

Like a tourist I needed assistance with the procedure but I soon found the courtroom, the last one on the right. True to form, Tyler was number 7 on the alphabetical list of names but in the grounded world his name might as well have been Zoidberg. His case was the last one before lunch [though his co-defendant up on mostly the same charges continued after]. Even the courtroom was changed at the end to a new judge located the first smaller courtroom, #202.

Tyler looked good, especially compared to how he looked physically when I last saw him, and he was in good spirits given this wasn't charm school. I even got a toothy smile once even though I was wearing my protest face. It was a good sign as were his answers, admitting his guilt in breaking the law and accepting the consequences. Now the question isn't really about being 'on vacation' but after. Will it be a fresh start or a new beginning?

My youngest son lived out here with me just a year but it was the year when End of An Era, Part 2, was lighting up the night so he got to see Java Joz and the birth of The Vault; then he was gone from my life. I had hoped that he would migrate out here but my free-wheeling existence hasn't changed for the better financially since he lived with me, the last full year of business with Premiere Innovations before the bottom fell out, so that never happened.

Given my political attitude especially toward the mandated anthrax vaccines that Obama expanded, I was less than thrilled when 'the boy' [a Simpson reference since he was born in 91] told me that he was considering joining the Air Force. Part of me remembered before 911 that when I was younger than him, that was what I wanted to do. My wearing glasses stopped that. But he told me that he needed some direction. He showed maturity because that was the reason I had hoped he would come out here to live. Direction from this tumbleweed, maybe God does know best.

When he called me and said that he was going off to boot camp in 12 hours, I told him that I was proud of him and then cried for 2 days. My boy was never returning home as I remember him, now 'the boy' is a man and any chance to be in that father-son relationship we once had as man/kid is gone. When we next meet, we meet as men, to exchange ideas. The Air Force is his new beginning. Our relationship will reboot for a fresh start cause the love is there.

Jail is a new beginning for Tyler. Here's hoping at a future date he will get a fresh start reboot in the relationships that mean him the most good. Both young men are in my prayers, on my special list.

It should also be noted that Tyler isn't the only young friend to have dropped off the path due to a foolish notion. Captain Tuesday, who gets around town a little more than I do anymore, informed me recently of someone we both know who went through the ringer, did his stint, and recently christened a new house, a big one, all through hard work and good management skills.

Learn more about Captain Tuesday in Part 2's End of An Era, Live At The Mullet Room

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