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BSC, CA – Today I check for the results of LA's Measure M [M for mucho, money, marijuana, their urban Reefer Madness], the latest megalopolis mission to come out of LaLa Land. Their goal, to issue licenses for legal weed businesses [?]. The problem is Jeff Sessions, and President Trump's stand for medical marijuana and against profiteering the plant as recreational.

Clearly the election of Donald Trump as President fits into the bracket of Pope Francis being our last Pope, if you believe that sort of thing. I do or I would not have published Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, itself a testimony to the esoteric side that Mary Jane showed me. See the upcoming Stoners, Sufferers, and The Selfish, for more elaboration on that view point.

In the aftermath of the President's decree, all the forces who were celebrating after Prop 64's 'win' at the polls now find themselves to be the ones the Feds are looking at now. Already event pardners of last year are distancing themselves from one another, others are holding 'unity [pity] parties', re-branding the mission statements, while some are still throwing out that old red herring, 'the stoner stigma image' as bait. All these groups want to own cannabis completely to make bank off this wheel of misfortune.

Now these groups have their own wheel of misfortune to fight, inheriting their own 'stoner stigma' as Parker Pot Poseurs, or 3Ps. You can find these people at any pot event that serves liquor. They all have a cause but that isn't their real purpose.

This legalize* weed crowd, once united with real stoners, the youth market [medical and recreational], and compassionate activists rescued from illness/prescription med syndrome [the real PMS], has now been cut out of the herd, to whither from the vine on their own. These NGOs stand exposed for what they are, who they are and how they really feel; it's status, not compassion; ownership, not sharing. None of them was ever about the patients. [The Suits*]

I walked among these people and though gracious or cordial, perhaps even spiritual, there is a feeling of shallow depth in that the people I came across have no knowledge [expected] of the background about cannabis in the Bible, but mere mention of the Book is anathema to them. To disregard God coupled with a complete for-profit motive from something not self-created [GMO excluded] is like charging for un-bottled air. Access to cannabis is not a privilege but a Liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

The stoner stigma is a false narrative pushed to the public's forefront by media manipulation, now seen as government control at most, government influenced at least, but all programmed to be anti-cannabis. We were all raised under this false flag, but this is the eyes wide open generation of Matt 24.

Two days ago as I sat at bus stop, a young service industry worker approached and found a place back in the shade to sit. Shortly before the bus arrived I heard a cough. When the bus pulled up I was the first to get on and found a seat up front. As the young worker got on and walked past me, I smelled a familiar scent.

Then I noticed a curious thing. For the first time in 71 years or forever how long I have been aware of cannabis, first as marijuana, this was the first time that there was no emotion tied to smelling someone walk past me smelling that way. There was no stigma felt in my thoughts one way or another towards the person. I didn't snicker inwardly, I didn't wonder if he was a patient, and I didn't say, ooo, he's cool. I blame this new reality entirely on President Trump. Thank you. The long night [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green] is over.

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