Sunday, March 5, 2017



BSC, CA – Most people became disillusioned with [x-President] Obama sometime during his second term because the crowd always wakes up before the end of a administration, think Nixon. For people like me and other Citizen Journalists [those who don't follow the fake stream media], there were two early telltale signs that Barack was just the usual politician, only in blackface.

The very first sign for those paying attention was that famous weekend both Obama and Hillary disappeared [to attend a Bilderburg meeting for the layout of the 2008 election scheme]. At that time Hillary was sucking the air out of the room on Obama by charming all those Bible-toting, gun-loving white folk she abandoned in her failed WH bid for 2016. Alex Jones saw it too but anyone not black against Obama risked being smeared as a racist. I'm not saying that there weren't any racists, after all, this is America, land of the free [white].

The second strike was the lesser known soundbite that came from the medical marijuana camp which voiced a spineless answer from the candidate when finally pinned down by a wheel-chair bound activist at a town hall meeting, only to come back strong the next week with the MMJ plank in his Change platform. The local old school activists around here will tell you that I warned them against 'hope and change' before the '08 election.

Now Donald Trump knows what kind of crowd he is really dealing with. Being a smart man, I would think that the Don will learn from past holes in the dike around his Fortress of Solitude. Remember Donald, if their lips are moving...

And now for something completely different. How were the skies around your city Saturday? Here's how they were over Temecula, CA on 3/04/2017, as recorded by this valley news source.

If only seeing glyphosate on grape berries were this easy. Hopefully Cali's new law will change this when it comes to this carcinogen.

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