Wednesday, March 8, 2017



BSC, CA – When you reach the eye level you see on the back of a one dollar servitude note, the view is spectacular, or as we say around the office, “Sa-weet.” This view is only available to outsiders in this age of Matt 25[KJV].

Back in the day this view was restricted, available only to those in some secret societies, parodied by The Simpsons' Stonecutters. A joke that tells you the truth while trivializing it with a comical spin, that's why we love Hollywood. They know what's cracking and put it out artistically for us to catch. All the rest of us had back in the day were the musings of the barbershop men, and if we were lucky, the sayings of a seer. I was lucky.

“In your day all of Man's secrets will be revealed for all to see,” was one of those sayings in the household I grew up in. The latest two shoes to drop all concern ex-VP Joe Biden, someone who first crossed our desk in this piece. After the jump we look at the latest wave of despicable to come out of the Democratic Party, birthers of the Klan, all stemming from a careless pedo weiner, a bird of the same feather, as it were now.

As first voiced in this story, Joe 'Mafia' Biden, always seemed the modern day Spiro Agnew, a political 'Jingles' to whomever his Wild Bill Hickok [TV version] is. However some people were fooled and rooted for Old Joe to run. But the Silicon Joe always seemed to duck 'n' dodge any real answer like an Ali protege, until the WeinerGate email announcement of 650K emails 'found' and on whose laptop. Check out his reaction in this shot from national TV, when fake news becomes real.

When the opening link story took place, Biden seemed little more than a typical nondescript career DC politician but lately with the ever-widening crack from PedoGate, a global, no borders lifestyle for the Rich and Infamous, Joe Mafia has become Creepy Joe in light of videos made from DC government functions.

Just as with the hacked emails from Podesta dust-up never being denied, only being revealed, we see that the Seed of Cain rules the day. 

We see that in our role models.

We see that in their behavior in this very public age.

We see that from the news pillars of society.

What was hidden is now revealed.

And now Hunter's high virtues have once again proven we are ruled by our so-called betters whose moral high ground always ends at the pudding stage. 20 years and he didn't even leave [the marriage bed] for a young secretary, that's not how the rich Cain seed do it. You sleep with your brother's wife while he's dying and keep it in the fam.

You can't make this stuff up, as is often said.

Meanwhile, be back here for Wheel Of MisFortune

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