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BSC, CA – After killing all the Japanese Christians in Asia by nuking its only two Christian cities, then speculated to have caused the tsunami [H.A.A.R.P.] that unleashed Fukushima in retaliation over the island nation government's push to investigate 911 [DARPA alleged], it now comes to light that America, in the form of Monsanto, has poisoned another generation of the nation's children. Fellow activist crusader and SuperMOM, Zen Honeycutt files this report, shining a different light on the current Russian, Chinese, and NK resistance to America.

“I expected to go to Japan to speak about Moms Across America’s work and warn mothers of the health risks of GMOs and toxins so they could avoid them. Considering the Asian diet, I was sure their health was far better than ours. I was shocked to discover that Japanese, [S]Korean and Filipino children health issues had far surpassed American children. Over 15,000 moms gathered to hear me speak in 5 locations, where I learned why the crowds were so large. 

Japanese children have developmental delays 2x higher than the US. Korean children have autism and developmental delays 2-3x higher. According to the Autism Society of Philippines, at least 1 million, or 1 out of 33 children in the Philippines had been diagnosed with autism in 2014 (more without healthcare are likely to have symptoms), which is far worse than our current 1 out of 68 children. I was crushed. I was Angry. I was Outraged.”

Japanese Professor Kuroda wrote a book titled "The Etiology of Increased Developmental Disorders" that describes how environmental chemicals cause problems in the brain. The above graphic comes from this book. Statistics from left chart (1). Statistics from right chart (2).

“As shown in these charts, the most likely reason for the higher rates of developmental delays in Japanese and Korean children appears to be the extremely high use of agrochemicals on the produce which is grown locally. The chemical companies have done an excellent job of convincing the current Japanese and Korean governments that agrichemicals are an important part of progress.

Because I was in Japan, I received the most information from Japanese sources. According to a Japanese international food trade group employee, “The usage of agrochemical per area inside Japan is one of the highest in the world.  The Japanese government has been heavily influenced by Sumitomo Chemical, a partner of Monsanto.  The former chair person of 'Keidanren', Japan Federation of Economic Organizations was the CEO of Sumitomo Chemical, YONEKURA Hiromasa.

The Japanese government works closely with Keidanren. The agrochemicals they produce are being used for Monsanto's GM crops. Sumitomo Group has many banana and pineapple plantations in Asia where they apply heavy amounts of pesticides by Sumitomo Chemical.” As in the US, Monsanto has cleverly inserted chemical company executives into government positions to influence policy.

He added that the government has admitted that “developmental delays and autism rates are out of control.” ”

Please follow this link for the summation and finale to this MOM Japan Tour outreach story, and say a prayer of Thanks. Like the Hallmark Greeting says, “God couldn't be everywhere, so He created Moms.”

On a side note, a neighbor at the end of the block had some baby bobcats in his backyard a few years back. When he saw them, he opened the back porch door and yelled, “Hey! Go on, get out of here!”

Suddenly Mama Bobcat started walking out from the back yard shadows, slowly.

“Stay as long as you want,” came the changed reply and tone of voice. He told me that they stayed two weeks.

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