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BSC, CA – Is there hocus pocus? Short answer, YES. Long answer, what does it all mean? And that's where it gets tricky. The subject of this column wasn't on the agenda for today but I decided to play the demo from La Lune, the band whose drummer was killed in a head-on collision when some meth head decided he had a death wish. Ryan was on a little vacation with his girlfriend driving up in northern California. The news swept over the scene like a wave. I'm sure Bill broke the news to me, as he was more socially connected with the scene at that time.

As I said in the first End of an Era story, La Lune [The Moon] was a better than average screamo band with an angst-sounding lead singer and a screamo vocalist to make the standard front duet. Vocals B+ to A-, but as I listened to the 2 song demo, a disc I probably haven't played once in the time after writing the eulogy, I remembered that this band, as a whole, was really good. Like a number of local bands then, there was a high caliber of musicianship and skill, and I've heard homegrown talent everywhere I have lived. Ryan, like Dan of Strike Twelve, Devan of The Daisycutters, and the drummer in Bobby Breakdown, impressed me because all these guys pound them drums like Woody of The Spoonbills, see Memoirs.

La Lune Showcase Theater flyer, left at 10 o'clock; Ryan Towery story, center, next to Bipsy

After news about the wreck hit print I removed the band signed CD and put it in a frame that also housed the article. You can just see the curved CD edge in the pic above. This started my special shelf home for a number of items I already had got a home. This morning as I played the demo CD, I noticed there was writing on the back of the case. Thinking it might be the demo song list, I looked closer. And then I remembered. This was the case for the band signed debut CD so the names showed instead of the regular label. The CD was titled “Good Morning Hospital”, a 6 song EP featuring Torches. I had written this info on the case myself that night of the release party. It was the finale to the emotions that I was already feeling in playing this old memory.

When I wrote the original Mr. Pete & Mary Jane in 2001, Chapter 19 was going to be all music scene memories, mostly from Java Joz/Cuppy's since there was Johnny Blaze, a Rasta, at the heart of it. I had a kind of happy ending to this tumbleweed story with a cancer survival story in the scene then go to fade out. But life isn't about a single story. Life is a story ball of threads, so mine rolled on with Occupy Los Angeles.

OLA was truly a one-of-a-kind event. I can't compare it to the other camps but everyone I met that have been somewhere else was impressed with the LA operation. And why not, we had our very own movie producer who has studios in Burbank, as our Media person. He brought his own crew and equipment but when his generator died in the night of the second day, your hometown Press had a beefy Honda so our karma got us ushered in camp [me and Sam, AJ's generator] ROT, right on time as they say DTLA. The second month there at OLA I would meet John Diaz and join the Label GMOs movement.

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is more than [“a lot of smoking and a lot of fucking” - Ron (Sales), Cleveland, OH].

When I say that Memoirs 'goes from Indiana Jones [Genesis, relic times] to 15 seconds ago', that means Memoirs is an advancing point depending on when you read the book text. You see, Sports Fans, the sense of adventure you need for a scene to grow affects everything. The story I wrote more or less back in 2001 was before the scene here really got started. The story itself re-wrote the ending via two epiphanies after I was delivered back to my magic valley by Matt of Strike Twelve, a punk band that played Madlin's when they were all still in high school still with milk on their breath. The story itself reopened and a telling about the Golden Era of original music in this valley fell to the cutting room floor, till now.

Memoirs sporting a new Chapter 20 brings the word showing real hocus pocus experienced as a life path direction, now still being experienced all because of an association with the world's mightiest plant, a plant made hidden from everyday Christian knowledge until gathered by Jack Herer, a man I met twice. But not hidden any longer, Onward Cannabis Soldiers!!

Now leaving evidence as plain as a chem trail for all who read these words including those in Memoirs, is witnessed testimony to the truth that the 2 trees at the heart of the Garden were the male and female cannabis plants, the real Adam and Eve of what could have been Paradise from the start.

On other news, the plan set into motion concerning Tyler Goulet using his trial worked. I took his collect call on Friday and we had our talk. This was my Good Friday as far as I'm concerned. Not surprising it yielded some new information and allows me to illustrate a point of order [not set by Robert].

When I spoke of his church being 'lukewarm' some readers may have thought I was referring to the spirit of the church, or its heart, but that was not the intent. Jesus says that unless you have the mind of a child, you won't see the whole picture.

When I was a child, one of the first games I remember playing was 'I Spy'. The host player would chant, “I spy with my little eye” and then name an object within eyesight of all the players [within the room or car]. Each person got one question in rotation. The host would answer in degrees [warm, cold, or hot – bingo] to each guess. Cold and you were clueless, lukewarm and you were going in the right direction, warm assured you were on the right track, etc. The term lukewarm indicates the direction toward the Truth is in the light direction of finding the enlightenment sought, but not yet attained.

Tyler said his family had started fasting [not sure which style, Jewish or Islamic] every Monday for him to be rescued, but had run out of steam going into February. That shows heart and spirit but the orthodox Jews* and Catholics*/Christians both know the secrets to having a successful fast. For Christians that time is Lent, and it runs for 40 days. This asterisk * indicates that these orders know why and how it works. Otherwise you're waving at strangers.

Memoirs is a first person historical narrative that traces how a prayer of repentance over grief about repeating my father's history [he parted with my mother when I was also 3] had snuck up and bit me in the ass. A nexus point started from my music love, Christian religion belief, and that marijuana joint, the first one I smoked in my 'new life' and city before I prayed on my knees and went to sleep.

That night opened the doorway to hocus pocus for me which is why I call today a time when magic, religious theory, and the physical world have crossed; all because the world's mightiest plant didn't originate on this world, but someplace in the Stars.

Me and 'Max' in the early 00s
Memoirs is a witness to the reality of hocus pocus, using real people and places, that happens in everyone's life. You don't need to buy my book [Amazon] to see that, although many people miss this due to the Establishment message of the false religion called evolution, which isn't a science but a theory that supports racism and genocide to the educated who believe in themselves rather than God.

The life path that brought me here to Temecula, CA, a Master Planned Christian community, at a time when the talent of young Christian youth, local and nationally, could connect in a music scene built on art, free expression, and politics; and to mark [record] that magic online all due to a plant that is hidden [until now] in the Bible isn't happen-chance. It's stage magic of the highest order. To divulge this hocus pocus is why I wrote Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green since Shakespeare told us about the stage.

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