Thursday, April 6, 2017



BSC, CA – Breaking now are the details surrounding Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia death which happened under the most bizarre circumstances.

At the time of his death and due to a deep state mole, BSC, then the Temecula Calendar, ran this account of the situation. As per usual, there was nary a peep in the mainstream media, government justice circles, actually hardly anywhere outside of real citizen journalists channels.

Now with the Trump election and the emperors [Clintons, Obamas, other high level scandals] shown to be wearing no clothes [Luciferians] for all to see who wish it, Jeff Sessions, Trump's AG, is catching hell from all the collateral shills on the take who are also part of the action. Why else would you shield child sex traffickers? Subway got my last dollar when I found out that they knew for years about Jared the pedo but kept on paying him instead of bringing him to justice opting instead for a mother with young kids, later his wife, to straighten things. How can you ever justify that as business as usual unless...?

In the video below, all the evidence is given as to how the heart attack was induced, who did the hit, and guess who has a connection to all this?

To my fellow citizen journalist, David Seaman. I can understand your wanting more action against the Comet Pizza crowd but as the surfer painted OLA center camp mural illustrated in graphic novel detail, the cause of all our modern ills can be traced back to the usual suspects. Running in one suspect won't make a dent when you are dealing with a secret society.

On a side note, here is a video of someone I nicknamed 'Ranger Rick' who has some fodder to add to your video about the Illuminati and who they are.

Mind you David, that while all these on the leading edge of this train of thought like 'Rick' here or David Icke, even others like Michio Kaku, all have a piece of the pie. This is the day when you need to know the real three sides of our third dimension; the symbolic, the physical structure, and the side unseen to peep the whole picture.

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