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BSC, CA – This past Mother's Day weekend brought a return to Costa Mesa, their fairgrounds, and the Gem Faire. It would also start a chain of events leading to the picture below, as AT&T workers in 36 states staged a walkout to protest the old 'squeeze play' by Ma Bell Mobile.

A curious thing came forth from this latest news post. The cosmic or esoteric level has a boundary against the Tesla-risque side of the world we know. In today's jargon, it's kinda like CERN. On this activist outing BSC went to that level to surf with Divine Intervention, at the beach of course.

Make the jump for an adventure you won't find in a travel mag column, complete with pictures as fresh as yesterday. Oh, the lead-in shot did come from yesterday, lol.

And it all started out so innocent, well, as innocent as it can be for an outside agitator. The crowd was light, the day was bright, cough as in, no you-know-what, and so we set up.

Then the people came. Gem Faire provides the front access space for Geo Engineering education as a public service for gemstone fans, craftsmen, and vendors through compassionate consideration as a lover of beauty.

Under beautiful clear skies until today in Riverside, we who represent a stand against those who play God [GMO anything] and seek us for their science experiments because of the belief evolution is a fact. It isn't. Evolution still is a theory and this belief fosters racism, superiority, and the slaughter of Nature.

We worked it, for all it was worth. The future is worth a lot when you are a parent, even part-time.

The daughter of this 92year old with a sweet tooth enjoying one of our organic lollypops revealed the death rate in old folk homes after the pneumonia vaccinations [mandated] - 40%

 Meanwhile, a swap meet just across the way* offered spinners as low $6 and,

 A volunteer joined us who would prove to be the direct link to the lead photo, and a lot more.

Arriving after the wake up crew took a break, this new recruit [I thought] wrangled this cover shot which was sent to a chem trail media site, sources said.

He even brought his gf to shop as he worked the front table, plus he lived at the beach! Who was this cool guy? My Spidey sense wasn't tingling but my Lois Lane nose was twitching like my name was Samantha.

Join us for Part 2 as this not just another day at the beach adventure continues.

(Extra credit if you can spot the one word clue that's the show runner for this crossover two-parter. See last two pictures. Answer revealed in Part 2. *- one ticket granted you access to both. - Ed)

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